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Increased Referral Bonus of US$100 Worth of SG (Crypto) (Min US$30 Spend) @ SocialGood App


SocialGood increased their referral bonus to US$100 worth of SG token.

Use the referral link at the bottom of the post.

eBay - 50% Cashback
AliExpress - 100% Cashback

Previous deal posted by @HighvoltageRuss https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30040

More discussion on OzBargain here and here

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US$25 each for referrer and referee.

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  • Waiting for 1st of December to hopefully get all my eBay purchases approved as I signed up when this was last posted

    • Why December 1st? Is it a monthly approval sort of thing? I have a whole bunch of AliExpress order marked as 'pending' for aggges, even though I've received them

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        eBay always gets approved on the 1st and has an average wait of 30 to 40 days.
        AliExpress has a wide range from 1-3 months depending on the seller.

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        Yeah in another OzB thread I saw someone mention that eBay gets approved on the 1st or 2nd of the second month following. So I placed my orders and had the cashback track in October, so should be Approved by December

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        My expeience is that ebay is pretty good at approving the purchases and AliExpress takes a bit longer with less consistency. All my purchases from both places came though eventually. I even had some things shipping from China purchased off Ebay that were approved months before they arrived. I was ready to apply for a refund but then it arrived. There is some rules around what will qualify though and worth looking at them. Things like you cant have an item already in your cart when you log in. I was caught out by that when I used make and offer through ebay. When the offer is accepted it goes into your cart and it doesn't track properly.

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    An unofficial site to monitor SG tokens.


  • What's the best way to convert SG to NZD?

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      SG to Bitmart(exchange)
      Bitmart to LTC/XLM/XRP
      LTC/XLM/XRP to Wirex Visa Card or Easy Crypto

      I think you now have have the option of UniSwap but I haven't personally used it.

      • I only see SG/BTC and SG/USDT, so you'll have to exchange it twice on Bitmart. Is this correct?

        • Correcto!

      • I currently use kiwi wallet and top cash for rebate. Would you say this is easy enough for me to do if I don't know anything about crypto? Will the rebate be better than others please? From what you described, it sounds a bit complicated?

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          Is it as easy as those websites? No as it involves quite a few steps.But when everything is in place it is quite easy.

          You will definitely get better cashback when it comes to selected few like eBay/AliExpress/Booking.com

          Need basic understanding of crypto specially ERC20 tokens also the value of your token might crash to zero.

          Bitmart is an exchange where SG tokens can be sold and the rest is to minimise transfer fees.

          Theoretically you can also convert SG >USDT on Bitmart and then transfer USDT to Easy Crypto NZ account but that will cost UD$20 to $30 in gas fees a.k.a transfer fees.

  • Intriguing. How does this business model work? How can they sustain $100 referral with $10,000 cash back? When you sell the coin on the exchange, who is buying it and why??

    • The SG team(backed by stores) and traders are supposed to be buying them but they have very low volumes and active addresses hence these extra generous referral bonuses.

    • I was wondering the same thing, thinking that the value of the coin would sink to 0 before I had the opportunity to sell it. However, I was completely reassured by SG's 'Patented Asset Value Rising Mechanism' … you should read the white paper, it is hilarious:


      Do sign up and referral bonuses come through any faster than the cashback, or does it all take ages?

      • The worst case scenario is you get your products and no cashback.

        I don't recommend just buying stuff because you are expecting an equal amount of cashback.

      • The sign up bonus and referral bonuses will only come thorugh when the purchases associated with them are approved. I have a few referral ones still pending and hope that the people that signed up actually bought something or they will stay on pending forever.

      • You need to actually buy US$30 worth of something within 30 days of the sign up to be eligible for the referral bonus. Also, that purchase has to be approved mostly takes around 60-90 days for aliexpress or depending on the store

  • Is it safe to buy it through this app. Do you create new account for eBay/AliExpress specifically for buying on this app

    • I have not had any suspect activity on any of my accounts so don't think it's a problem but you never do know these things.

  • I have had some referral bonus approved now so someone must have bought something. Thank you to whoever that was 😃

    • I thought it took 2 months for the referrals to be approved?

      • Sorry those were from the previous deal. The referrals are approved as soon as the purchase associated with it by the referred person is also approved. So it all depends on how long that takes and what store they bought from.

  • I just got my ebay purchase approved with the bonus.

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