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Black Friday Shelly Relays 10-40% off


Black friday discounts for shelly smart home devices.

Lot of other devices as well but the best ones/offers:
SHELLY MOTION 40% off 19.90€ (~$33)
SHELLY PLUS 1PM - TWO PACK 10% off 23.70€ (~$40 / $20 each)
SHELLY 2.5 - CE + UL - TWO PACK 23% off 24.90€ (~$40 / $20 each)

Shipping depends on how much you buy but seems to be between 14 - 20€ (~$26)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • Apparently their regular prices for all their products is going up later this year (based on Facebook post by their CEO).

  • Time to use wise card to save on conversion rates.

  • I love these devices, rock solid stability and work well with Home Assistant without relying on a third party cloud service.

  • +3

    I can't tell what any of these things are though. It's just a bunch of random part numbers with completely opaque meanings. Makes it hard to just look and find what would be useful without already knowing the product line.

  • Haven't heard of these before. Which ones do you have and what do you use them for? I take it, some of the components need certified electricians to install? Thanks for the insights in advance.

    • I think only shelly 1 and shelly 2.5 are certified in nz.

      • The 1PM is also certified

    • +1

      I already have some Dimmers, 2.5s, 1PM and 1. they are all have NZ certs (on the devices page in the shelly knowledge base ). I ordered the ones I listed today, the new 1PM plus hasn't had NZ testing yet but assume that won't take too long.

      They are really good, work with home assistant / node red, I do currently use them on the cloud, but good to know if the company ever stops supporting them I can just have them run locally.

      My uses:
      Dimmers are obvious - dimm lounge/hall lights
      I have a few 2.5s - I control bathroom light/fan with one, outside and a hall light another and generally other 2 gang light switches
      1PM - a few random lights, I use one on a smart light in detached mode so the light is always connected
      1 - for garage door automation, with D1 mini for presence detection

    • Thanks @ace310 and @Peters!

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