Upto $500 Cashback on Selected Panasonic 4k LED/OLED TV Models @ Participating Retailers (Noel Leeming)


Purchase a selected Panasonic OLED TV model listed in point 7 from a participating Authorised Panasonic New Zealand Retailer during the Promotional Period and correctly fill in the redemption form to receive a Cashback via redemption.

Might be a deal for those who prefer Panasonic brand
If you want the best of the best (according to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCSAdW3Wejk) :


Eligible Model - Cashback Amount

TH-49JX900Z - $100.00
TH-55JX900Z - $100.00
TH-65JX900Z - $150.00
TH-55JX950Z - $150.00
TH-65JX950Z - $200.00
TH-75JX900Z - $400.00
TH-55JZ980Z - $200.00
TH-65JZ980Z - $250.00
TH-48JZ1000Z - $200.00
TH-55JZ1000Z - $250.00
TH-65JZ1000Z - $300.00
TH-55JZ2000Z - $300.00
TH-65JZ2000Z - $500.00

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  • Nice,
    i wonder if cashback can be claimed if you buy from themarket.com BFCM10 + cashback would be ideal.

    • I've ordered stuff from the market and then spoke to Noel Leeming chat to get an invoice from them (for goods sold from them) and it they emailed it through.
      So should work, but I can't guarantee it so do so at your own risk

    • Just brought a Nikon Z 50 from The Market and used that receipt for the bonus FTZ adapter from Nikon. Great deal just over $1000 for a $2600 kit.

  • That deal was on the 26th /9 on choicecheapies should've made it clearer but was commenting on the fact that the market receipt is good enough to receive cashbacks for Noel Leeming via the market.

    • Ahh, 👌

      Edit: haha i was the one that posted that deal, too strapped for cash back then to take advantage of it :'(

      • +1

        Thank you very much for the post it's a brilliant little camera.

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