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50% Off Kogan Mobile 365 Day SIM Plans (Small $80, Medium $125, Large $165) @ KoganMobileNZ


Voucher must be purchased by 30/11/21 in order to get the 50% off pricing.
Once purchased the vouchers need to be 'activated' by the 31/12/21 for the Small and Medium Plans and 28/2/22 for the Large Plan.
EDIT: Kogan originally stated the Large voucher needed to be activated by the 28/2/22. This has now been changed to fall in line with the other vouchers and all need to be activated by 31/12/21.

Offer is valid for new and existing Kogan Mobile customers. Personal use only. Offer available on Kogan Mobile Prepaid SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE 365 day plans, purchased before 11:59pm NZDT 30/11/2021 unless sold out prior or extended. Offer does not apply to subsequent recharges. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash. The unique Kogan Mobile voucher must be redeemed by 11:59pm NZDT on 31/12/2021.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • What's the coverage like with Kogan? Would consider switching from the $16 a month skinnt plan I'm currently on if I'm likely to get decent service coverage.

    • IIIRC they use Vodafone network, in 2 months of using it I had my signal drop twice and had to restart my mobile data around the CBD area, not sure if Kogan issue or Vodafone issue

      • That's Vodafone. Happened on my work phone the other day. Restart fixed it then too.

    • Both of my kids are on Kogan and as far as I know they have never had an issue.
      As @Vena mentioned they use the Vodafone network.

    • On Kogan for the last two months, no drops. Same as Vodafone - so if in Auckland you're all good. Outside of Auckland, Spark has better coverage imo.

  • +2

    We have been happy with our 2x small plans from the last 50%(buy one get one free) off deal a few months ago.

  • Is this their black friday deal? Definitely not as good as last years which was pretty awesome - $1 for 90 days and 32gb, I bought a bunch of them and streamed data while camping to a whole bunch of people :)

    • I bought a load then too :-)

      I suspect that was an 'introductory' offer to get their presence / profile up in NZ - I'd be delighted if they repeated it, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

    • I think a lot of ‘Cheapies’ bought the $1 deal!
      This was their anniversary offer of being in NZ so not likely to be repeated anytime soon but great while it lasted.

  • 4 months in, happy with the Large plan in Gisborne using the Voda network.

  • +2

    I've been using Kogan the past couple of months, coming from Vodafone.
    Happy as with it, though worth noting that you cannot text special 4digit numbers like for radio stations etc.
    But Kogan makes up for it with free MMS texting (sending pics) so that's a pretty good trade-off.

  • Says "Voucher expires at 11:59pm NZDT on 28/02/2022."

    • See the comment below from @bane1991

      I have put a note in the post but looks like it might be an error on Kogan’s part.

  • +1

    One thing to remember: With Kogan you cannot reply to short numbers (such as radio station numbers, etc) as you don't have money on your account.

    In saying that, it's a great deal. Awesome that you don't have to split with anyone (my partner decided right at the last minute that she didn't want to switch to kogan. Ended up having two sims for myself. On a side note, I did find out how to choose your own number which is cool so at least one of my sims has my name as my number….)

    • How do you choose your own number??

      • Buy a skinny sim. Sign up. On the skinny management screen, you can pick your own number for $5. It starts with 0204 then 6 numbers. So I have 020 4 (my name) (020 for my name).

        Then set up your account with what ever provider, opting to "keep your number".

  • Can i keep my number from Vodafone using this deal?

  • As someone whos been on the Spark network for the past few years, the switch to Kogan has had some highs and lows. I notice in far more instances, I do not have very good reception. However, in some situations where I wouldn't have reception I now get even better reception. I'm located in Henderson & find even inside the house I have next to no service, versus great service when I used to be on Spark. Its a gamble, overall I feel like Spark is the better network, although if youre looking for a cheaper plan for a year, this is totally worth it.

    • +1

      I agree with you on this. I face similar issue with Kogan either 1-2 network bar on my phone but with skinny I have 4-5 network bar always.

      • Yup, however some spots where I have 0 bars on Spark I have 3 on Kogan. And places where I would normally have 3 bars on Spark I have 0 on kogan.

  • Can the OP change the expiry date. The 15GB plan finishes on the 22nd of February 2022.

    The unique Kogan Mobile voucher included as part of this product is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Voucher expires at 11:59pm NZDT on 28/02/2022 A

    • It's a bit weird how the first two plans need to be activated by the 31/12/21 and yet the large plan gives you until 28/2/22.
      I'll leave the expiry at 30th Nov 21 for the overall deal as that is when you must have purchased the voucher in order to redeem later for the 50% Off, but I'll add a note to the deal that the activation dates differ.

      • +4

        Just FYI guys, I purchased the LARGE, and took a screenshot showing it expires 28/02/2022.

        I have just received my voucher, and the expiry is 31/12/2021.

        I have emailed to their customer inquiry re which expiry date it is, they should probably honour the 2022 as then it'll be false advertising?

        Will keep you guys posted.

        • Yes can confirm I got the 31/12/2021 on large plan. But I plan to switch next week so doesn't affect me much.

        • Kool - and thanks for doing this… was asking this because my Kogan plan expires in February 2022.

          • @HappyChipMonk: Looks like they have amended the terms to now fall in line with the other plans and expire on the 31/12/21.
            I think you would a pretty good case for a refund since they stuffed up the printed expiry dates

        • To update you guys, their customer service are playing dumb, and saying they are definitely not honoring the screenshot stating expiry of 28/02/2022.
          They did offer to "request the validity extension or a replacement if you are unable to redeem it before the the expiry date"; however, this sounds like a cop-out and potentially could be trouble trying to honor it closer to the time.

          • @bane1991: Given that the promo is still running and appears to expire on 30 Nov 2021, you could request a refund on the basis you thought it was 28 Feb 2022 - they might agree to explicitly extend it rather than take the negative sale (rather than the vague 'maybe' you got previously).

            If they do refund it, you have five days to re-purchase knowing that it will be 31 Dec 2021 (if you want to).


  • +1

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

  • Awesome deal. Migrated to Kogan from Spark few months ago and couldn’t be happier - paid only a fraction of my usual phone bills nowadays with the same set of services. Next, will get wife on the Large plan too for $165/12 = $13.75 monthly (she’s now paying $40 monthly for an endless Spark 4GB plan!).

  • Just a question. What will happen to the remaining unused data? Will it rollover to the next month?

    • +1

      The Kogan data doesn’t roll over.
      It’s use it - or lose it, and then reset for the next month.

      • Cool, thanks :)

  • +1

    Used the monthly $5 15 GB unlimited calling text for the last year now and found no difference between spark and Kogan. Only hassle I have is changing the phone number each month and using Gmail +, only use it as a second phone and great for running multiple accounts that require a different mobile number.

    • Same here mate. I've been using and discarding Kogan monthly SIM cards for a year now. I use an email burner though (bulc.club) I find it easier.
      Have you had any troubles when activating your SIMs lately? I feel like they've have blacklisted a couple of my debit cards. Lucky I got plenty of them to bypass their systems.

      • No problems so far. Use the same credit card.

      • I've activated a fair number of Kogan SIMs over the last fifteen months or so, all with the same credit card.

        For example, I activated four in, I believe, Sep 2020 - one for each family member to use as a second SIM (for the data), and then some more in or around Dec 2020 / Jan 2021, again all on that same credit card number.


  • Is this stackable on a existing 15GB monthly plan? Will it just add +12 months to when i bought it?

    • +1

      No it’s not stackable so be careful if you’re on an existing plan. You can use the deal but the 12 months will override whatever time you have left and restart from the moment you activate the voucher.
      Could be good if you’re nearing the end of your current term but you need to do the maths to see it’s not going to end up costing you money overall.

      • Oh noooo, I did not read this and is there any way to reduce the $165 lose…

        • I would go back to them as they made a mistake with the expiry date of the Large voucher (originally stating it was valid until 28/2/22 but now changed to 31/12/21).
          Worth a shot to ask them.
          Failing that, you may be able to sell your voucher to someone that misses out.

  • If I’ve already got a Kogan connection, can I still get a free SIM by choosing I’m new to Kogan but use the voucher with exisiting connection?

    • Yes. This is exactly what I did last time.
      Just remember you will lose whatever time is remaining on your current plan and start your 12 months again if you apply it to your current connection.

  • Someone need Large plan? I do not know it won't stack so sell it $150 for Large plan(existing kogan user)…..

    • Anyone who sent me msg please set the message box to be able to receive my reply

      • Price now $140..

        • +1

          Remember you don’t need to sell it by the 30th Nov.
          If you have purchased the voucher you still have until the 31st Dec to redeem it. It might be worth even more in Dec when people can’t purchase a voucher anymore!

          • @bigcheese: Sound advice and no need to behave like a distressed seller at this point in time.

        • Sold, thanks guys

  • If I may ask, how is the speed like? Some say it operates more like a 3G than a 4G. Also if I activated the voucher on the 20th of Dec does that mean the data resets on the 25th of Jan?

    • +1

      I had no problems with speed when I was on Kogan but I think this may depend on where you are in the country.
      In regards to data, this is allocated in blocks every 30 days with the amount varied depending on which plan you are on (1.5GB, 4GB or 15GB for small,med,large respectively). If you use the data up inside this time then you either wait until it resets or buy more (it's expensive to buy more).
      Activating the voucher on the 20th December means it will go for 30 days from there so up until 18th Jan by my calculations with a new allocation from 19th Jan etc.

      Extra data costs here

    • Samsung S8 on Kogan Mobile.

      Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet?


  • +3

    I'm on Kogan for almost a year, it's good, no issues with calls or service as it's Vodafone coverage - the only downsides are:
    - You can't reply to e.g. dentist sending you a txt to confirm your appointment, or txting a promotional number, as those numbers aren't included in the plan, and as far as I know you just can't reply to them
    - Annoying if you have a someone who occasionally sends you a text from abroad outside of NZ or Australia as you can't reply to those either, you'd have to buy an international pack for $10 just to send one or two international txts (obviously WhatApp or something is an alternative to texting anyway)

    • @MightyTree @Latex Fist @Hollowbones is there any way to buy an add on so you can text back to banks, Microsoft etc asking for text verifications?

  • Is it possible to buy more data if you have use all data allowance for the month?

    • +1

      Yes - but it is quite expensive.


      Other option (particularly if you have a dual sim phone) is to buy an additional $5 starter pack which will give 15GB that you can use over a 30 day period and use this for the data only.

      • Thanks for the info.

  • hope they release something similar at christmas time..

  • should I wait for Christmas offer?

    • They generally don't do any better than this offer (other than the $1 for 90 day special but that was a one off I think).
      Sometimes they do a 2 for 1, but this deal allows you to just buy the one Sim card rather than two.
      If your current plan is due to expire soon I would go for it as long as it works out better value than what you are on now. As long as you buy it today you can activate any time in December.
      Just make sure you only need the data per month that comes with each plan as extra data costs on Kogan are expensive.

      • Thanks @bigcheese

      • Do you know if zip bf code is working on kogan or dicksmith online store? That’ll be cherry on the cake if it does.

        • +1

          No idea sorry

  • Anyone selling these (doesn't matter which size)? Asking on behalf of a friend who missed out on last month's 50% off promotion. Thanks.

  • Anyone selling a 50% off medium or larger size plan please? I'm already with Kogan and it's about to renew, but missed this special and now no discount! :(

  • Anyone got a spare kogan mobile voucher to sell? Please PM me. Thanks.

  • Hi, anyone got a 50% Large or Medium voucher they like to sell? Please message me. Thanks

  • +2

    The sale is back on! Just bought the large plan for $165

    • Thank you!

    • You should post the deal.
      Good spotting @EPA

      EDIT: Looks like you're offline so I have posted the deal here.

      • Thank you! I haven't posted before and I was short on time (I did mean to, but didn't manage it)

    • Did you receive the code? I have not received it 48 hours after placed the order

      • Not yet. Try contacting them?

        • Tried to reach them. They said the order is during final process. Code should be sent within 48 hours. Hopefully Monday.

  • Just a reminder to everyone who purchased this deal in Nov but haven’t yet activated the code.
    You only have until the 31st Dec to do this or the value will be lost.

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