Apple Airtag $44 Shipped @ 1-Day


Apple AirTag @ $44.00 (Incl. Shipping)

Apply the coupon ‘SHIPPING21’ to get the deal.

Cheapest in the market after Pb tech’s Black Friday Sale

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    $38 or so at PB if using code EARLYBF , not sure if can then be stacked with the free shipping code , ?shippy21 . PB should also have a final Black Friday event with the previous discount soon too .

    • Can't stack with free shipping yet but once the sale goes live (so not earlybf) you should be able to use the shipping code

      • Nudge part V of the sale

      • Yes you can i just tried Shippy21+EARLYBF

        • Ah I stand corrected, not sure why it didn't work for me

          • @metalix: They might have fixed it after a customer asked usually don't allow stacked coupons

          • +2

            @metalix: I tried it out. You’ll need to enter SHIPPY21 first, then EARLYBF. Seems like it doesn’t work the other way around.

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      i just price match with Noel Leeming in their previous sale. Got to avoid the PB tech queues.

  • Just bought one from PB on the earlier deal, I am quite amazed at how efficient they are. The sad part is that you need to invest in a case for it to be able to be used for keys, I plan to use it on my backpack. If anyone interested, Aliexpress has many cheap cases for the airtag.

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