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Titan Army 39A1QR 38.5" 165hz QHD Curved Gaming Monitor $573.85 (Save 28%) Shipped @ PB Tech


Titan Army 39A1QR 38.5" QHD Curved Gaming Monitor, 2560X1440, 165Hz, HDR400, 2x HDMI + DisplayPort, RGB Lighting, White Color


Been a few monitor deals posted, here's the daily steal from PBTech. Limited to 1 per person it seems.

Looks like Response Time 7 ms isn't the greatest though

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  • Those white bezels are a deal breaker unfortunately

    • its the VA 7ms (likely samsung) panel for me. Usually they arent the best

  • I had the titan army ips 34' from pb, it's not the best of the best, but it's definitely a working solution does all it should as ips panel.

    • Yup was $690 recently which is not bad

  • It says Adaptive Sync Ready, but doesn't specify free sync or gsync, what's it actually got?

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      Adaptive sync is the vesa equivalent of free sync

      • 👍

  • Sorry to hijack this thread but what is the best budget monitor that supports 4k and high refresh rates for consoles.

  • Thanks for this - I've picked one up.

  • Before you guys order, note that there are no showrooms right now so you can't try it before you buy and also if you buy it and change your mind, there will be a 20% of the purchase price restocking fee.

    I was thinking about it but 38 inch and only 2560 x 1440, thats probably not enough for me.

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      Auckland ≠ NZ

      • Lol

      • It is for covid cases tho

  • Good Deal, but 1440P on that size screen for gaming / workstation would be a hard sell for me. I've got the TA 32" monitors at 1440P and I wouldn't want to strech it anymore than that.

  • Excuse my ignorance, but if you're going to this size with VA panels and a low refresh rate, why would I chose a monitor like this over a 4k TV? Many of them are coming with freesync now too

  • Fairly good deal but I think the PPI for 2560X1440 at 38.5 inches is terrible at least in terms of gaming, 27inches is the generally accepted sweet spot

  • Yeah not the best feedback on this, but great deal! Thanks

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