Dell 27" Gaming Monitor S2721DGF (1440p 165hz) $597.34 Shipped @ Dell NZ


It's originally $918.99 but now 35% off. This is my first post so please forgive If i messed anything up.

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    They need to make this but in 34' Ultrawide

    • Also need to get that massive chin thinner like the ultrasharps. Only reason I haven't bought this monitor

      • If its black and you use dark mode everything, then its barley noticeable (as on my Mi 34'), though i do have my task bar on the right so that makes it less obvious.
        But yeah would be ideal to have it all round thin

    • There is this ultrawide — — VA panel but has great reviews

      • Already got a Mi 34

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    $555 if you take advantage of this

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      Ah I wish I found this before I ordered it.

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    We bought one from dell 3 weeks ago. Eta was 27 December, but it arrived 4 days ago. Extremely pleased.

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    This is not the lowest price. They go lower than this.

  • Bear in mind that Dell has online sales ALL the time. If you are not in an urgent need for one, well worth taking your time

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