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Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones $282.5 (Market Club Membership Required) @ The Market


$359.99 originally but you can get 10% when you add it into cart, 11% off and 2%from Cashback, it is now $282.5. free shipping if you join their The market club.

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  • While these are great, why not just spend a bit more to get the XM4? I think XM4 was going for around $350 or probably even less at some point.

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      Newer isn't always better. Anyone interested, read through some comparisons and decide for yourself. Personally, I'd take the XM3s. Here's an example…

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        Yes, we are all in this Apple-esqe society where incremental improvements are blown out of portion and we must throw away last year's model because the new one is so much better.

        • It's not so much throwing it out, its just both use largely the same materials [xm3 v xm4], why use production lines and materials with inferior software.

          Yes, there are tradeoffs, but I would never advocate throwing out your current device for the small upgrade unless it's physically damaged etc.

          The XM4 does win quite hard in NC and the multipoint connection is worth a lot from a useability POV.

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          People who look at this deal most likely do not already have a XM3 or XM4. In that case, there's nothing to "throw out" and it'll just be a better, if not slightly better choice to go for the XM4. I own both XM3 and XM4, as well as a Bose QC32 II and I would recommend the XM4 any day. It's just much better in terms of NC.

          • @Chaoscreater: My reply was regarding Ephixaa Post, new isn't always better. Apple-esqe it's referring to the corporate model that brings out an updated version every 1-2 years. Throwing away was referring to either keeping, selling at a loss, or giving away just to get the latest model. JVC will take away the 3.5 mm audio cable Input Jack and the ability to answer your phone and call it an improvement because it has a barely detectable frequency improvement and louder volume. I have the Sony XM3 and I don't care if the new model has a button to order pizza. Compared to my older Sennheiser HD 600 the Sony isn't even close in sound quality but as a Bluetooth noise cancelling headphone, they are excellent.

  • I didn't try M4 but they sound incredible

  • I posted Sennheiser PXC 550-II which should be a good alternative.

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    I use these and they are pretty great. Even right now I have a valley on the top of my head from the top part of it.

    I would get this over the xm4 at these prices as I don't think the improvement is that great though I've never tried the xm4.

    I also do think I would get the Sennheiser PXC 550-II over this aswell just because I don't think headphones can justify such high prices at this range as they are all top of the line.

    I got an excellent deal on my pair but wouldn't have considered it if it was in a store due to the price although having used them now and the experience I have received from them that might be changed.

    Overall I think they have been definitely worth it for me, much happier with it than the Samsung galaxy buds I had before it that I lost in 6 months.

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      I had the original PXC-550 and eventually they had battery problems after 3 years of solid use, when I got a refund under the extended warranty I opted to go for the WH-1000 XM4 having tried my partners XM3. I only went for the XM4 as as I had store credit in JB hifi and they weren't selling the XM3 anymore to get those, I don't feel like they are really worth the extra money, the main selling point seems to be pairing to two devices and that actually just annoys me more than it helps as if you are on a call on teams and receive one on your phone it just cuts over before you touch the phone. Since they did that I now have that feature turned off to prevent me just disappearing from meetings.

      I really liked the PXC 550, ultimately the only reasons I opted to change to the sonys when I had the chance were:
      USB C - the PXCs were the only device I had that needed micro usb so I was carrying a special cable just for them
      Quick charging - The PXCs have a great audio over usb feature i used a lot but quick charging means I can use them wireless all the time with only a few minutes of charge
      Better noise cancellation
      3.5mm jack on the headphones vs 2.5mm on the sennys (work is moving to a we based calling platform where this would have been useful as bluetooth wouldn't work)
      Nicer carry case - they live in my work bag most of the time so protection was good to have
      The sennys had a weird bluetooth bug on skype and teams meetings that would lose the mic about 20 minutes in to a call, the sonys dont (I wasn't the only person who had this issue)

      Ultimately this was worth the extra for my use case but some of these things might not be important to others. If you want decent audio and don't mind a cable running the sennys through the usb cable just worked flawlessly and was a great experience as it retained all the functionality you lost using the headphone cable with better audio to boot. You can't do this on the sonys as the usb C lead kills the power when inserted, but 5 minutes of charge gets hours of playback so it's not really a big problem and then I recharge more at lunch, home or when I go to a meeting. I ended up mainly using the sennys with the usb function due to the skype/teams bug until they died as they didn't have an issue in this mode. I don't think you would go wrong with either set but it's just if it's worth $60 more for a device I would say is just slightly more refined in a number of areas.

      • Didn't know the 550 charged with micro usb. That's quite a turnoff.

        One of the things that shocked me the most first was the battery life. The battery life is unbelievable. They charge pretty quick as well but the battery life they have is an extremely useful feature.

        • Had sennheiser stuck usb c and quick charging in the new model 2 version I might have picked up another set instead of the Sony's. Even Bose have now caught up with the qc45 biggest change being this addition.

          Generally speaking most decent ANC phones have 25+ hours battery, they were designed to last long haul flights for business travellers and now just spread in to normal life so I can ignore annoying colleagues.

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