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Apple AirTag (Single Pack) $39 (30% off), 4-Pack $159 + Free Shipping / Pickup @ PB Tech


Not a common mild discount on Apple gadgets.

And 4-pack is 15% off as well.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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    $6 cheaper if you buy them 4 of them separately too :)

    • But sadly its 1 per customer

      • maybe price match with Noel Leeming and buy more than 1?

        • I'm sure using another email and changing your name slightly would still work

        • Tried it. They declined as PB Tech has flagged it as limited stock.

          • @Madao: I think PB know this, that’s why they always put limited stock, even though it’s technically not limited, so you have to always buy through them and not using a competitor’s price match.

        • yea i price matched with NL and there's no limit (instore). Only needed two though.

  • idk what ill use it for as i got 4 pack and so far have setup 2 and the rest 2 is sitting catching dust where the other 2 that has been setup is lying somewhere lol…

    • Most people shouldn't need more than one. I'm bought a single pack for my keys.

      • I got one for my keys and another for my car

        • Lost in couch and lost in carpark respectively?

          • @Peter Wyngarde: The one for the car is more for when my car is at mechanic for more than two days and if i park at airport parknfly for a few days

        • One for the house keys, one for the car keys, one for the wallet and one (or three) for the missus.

      • +1

        Depends on what they're for I guess. I have a 4 pack and would use more (this deal is tempting).
        One inside the lining of each car, one inside the lining of my wallet and one in the laptop case. I basically use them as tracking/theft protection. If you're in the apple ecosystem, they're a pretty good product.

  • I dont know how big they are but ill give it a whirl. I'm going to try and attach it to the cat.

    • I think I've actually seen collars specifically designed to hold these! lol

    • I wanna know how it works. Would love to see where my cat gets to during the hot days

  • Just this makes me want to get an iphone now

  • Are these suckers waterproof?

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    Are these only good with iPhones?

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    just remember you need to buy a separate holder for these lol. prob just need two can split with someone if your in Auckland

    • if you know someone with a 3d printer ask him to print the holder for you, theres heaps of models for free

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    one for each of my kids.

  • If you are non Apple you can try TILE instead.
    The apple is basically a copy of the tile which has been around for years.
    Apple does have the advantage of community tracking tapping into everyone that has an apple device
    Tile does the same, but is perhaps more limited because their community tracking mainly only taps into other tile users.
    They do say however that 90% of tiles that are put into "lost mode" are eventually found.

  • Airtag 4 pack now $157 at Smiths City Good for price matching.

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