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Oral-B Genius 9000 Toothbrush $133.49 Delivered (Market Club Membership Required) @ The Market


cheapest price ever for this toothbrush according to pricespy, then take another 11% off and get it delivered free.

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  • So cheap. I paid $205 at chemist warehouse before

  • Thanks ordered. Great price

  • Wow that is cheap

  • How does it compare with this model: https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30532

    And where do you get cheap replacement heads? They hardly ever seem to go on a good sale at briscoes etc these days!

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      Noel Leeming has a 10 pack available for $55 (CSC) but I usually get mine from ShaverShop or The Market. Adding em as an extra so I can get to the neccesary spend amount for promo codes.

      I have the Oral-B pro 2 2000

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      As far as the brushing of teeth actually goes, they are very similar. Tends to have more settings, Bluetooth, charging cases etc.

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      I think they are both good. I had 8000 and battery was getting flat very quick. The reason for me to get 9000 was because of the USB charging case. When I took 8000 to Japan (stardard charging stand), it wouldn't charge at all. But no problem with 9000 charging case overseas (Norway and Qatar so far). If you don't need charging case, then 7000 is good enough. I really don't use any of the fancy stuff come with 9000.

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      Check out aliexpress for the replacement heads.

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    Anyone know how good the Xiaomi ones are?

    Currently on sale at pbtech for $45

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    As someone who works in the oral healthcare industry, and also owning one of these 9000 models, it really depends on what you want.
    9000 from memory is near if not the top of the line for Oral-B. Personally, I don't use the carry case and the wall attachment sticky.
    I feel the carry case could be handy to keep things clean, but the wall attachment is probably more of a gimmick. Most ppl won't have the time to put their phone in front of them everyday to analyze their brushing patterns. I never tried it, so I can't give an honest review about it.

    To give a comparison, I used to use the cheapest and most basic model of Oral-B, which usually discounts to $25.00. The basic model I think oscillates or spins in only one direction (and the 9000 in multiple directions), like the prophy you get when you see the hygienist (but the rpm is nowhere near the slow handpiece of a dental chair). The battery for these I think are like 7-days.
    The 9000 model has different modes, e.g. white polish, gentle, etc etc. However, the idea is to keep the brush-head in contact with the tooth and to be "gentle". The brush will light up "red" when you have pushed too hard against the tooth, which allows you to decrease the risk of gingival recession (gum receding up the root of a tooth). You can also set vibrations to either 1-min or 30secs, so that you can have a preference on knowing when to change to the next quadrant of teeth - not really necessary to have different settings, I think. There's a final double vibration to notify you that 2-minutes of brushing has been reached.
    I don't think the battery lasts 14-days as claimed on the box.

    Yeah, remember to floss - that's real key thing ppl don't do.

    • thanks for the advice! what we need is for somebody to invent an electric flosser!

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          what! here i was living in the dark ages! you just saved my life my friend!

          • @nevergofullretail: There are too many to choose from.

            • @ace310: Just be aware that water flossers may not be as effective as traditional tape/string floss. Key word is may.

              Water flossers push water at high speed through the contact point between teeth, which is great, and theoretically it's like water-blasting your deck at home to get ride of plaque/stains.
              However, a contact point through teeth isn't a "straight line" per se.
              Imagine when you get out of the shower, trying to dry your back. You would probably curve your towel into more of a "U' shape to try to dry your back, right? If you didn't, you might miss some areas on the sides of your lower back.
              A contact point between teeth is between two convex surfaces, and sometimes the contact is more broad.
              When you floss with tape floss, you should curve the floss into a "U" shape to hug the convex curvature of the tooth, hear the "click" as you breach the contact point, go down the tooth a little, until you feel a natural stop, where you STOP. Shouldn't hurt. This covers a lot more surface area.
              With a water flosser, you may not cover the whole area as thoroughly as tape floss. Also, it's an additional cost of the water flosser unit, needs to be plugged in, maintenance etc. Tape floss can be thrown out. Probably cheaper in the long run.

              The more important thing is, as long as you're trying with whatever works for you, it's better than not. But I would probably still recommend traditional tape floss over e-flossers.

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                @bane1991: I absolutely agree. I didn't recommend e-flossers. I was just pointing out that they are available.

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                  @ace310: Oh, apologies if you thought I was targeting my reply to you. It was a general statement for everyone, in case they wanted some viewpoints on oral health :)

    • Thanks for the information. Just wondering if Philips is better than oral b please? And if the comparable brush heads are as good as the oral b ones as they are a lot cheaper?

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        Both are good. Both have different action. Oral b has rotating action while Philips have pulsating one. I prefer Philips as it feels more natural compared to rotating bristles.

        Personal preference I guess unless some one thinks differently.

  • Im seeing the brush as $239? Are they all gone?

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