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Torpedo 7 Hospitality Code - Updated 11/11/21


Make sure you are logged in for discounted club $5.99 shipping or free shipping over $99.

This code has now expired.
Please check the forum - general discussion for updates going forward.

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    Anybody can recommend a gas stove for a novice camper/hiker? So many options out there…..

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      For hiking https://www.torpedo7.co.nz/products/T7C6CN5EH/title/element-... will be fine. Cheap as so if you want to upgrade in future hasn't cost you much

      • Thank you! Helped me too as i'm new to camping as well and i have purchased one of those.

        Was just wondering if you/someone can share a blog/vlog/list that may list out all essential items for purchase for a first-time camper. Thanks heaps!

      • Seconded on this one

      • Thats a good shout, thanks!

  • +22

    Can we remove this post? They will kill the code again. Maybe we can have a share by pm in the forum … Less public

    • +2

      Up until very recently it was displayed on the hospitality NZ site. Unless they give unique codes it will inevitably leak.

      • Yeah I suppose both hnz and tor7 have options

  • Great, tried the old one earlier and it didn’t work.

  • Hey team, are there any codes to get discounts off their mountain bikes?

  • +1

    Thanks so much BigCheese - you the man. Just ordered a new tent as our old one was one its last legs and some other things and the saving with the code was $540! That's awesome!

  • Does anyone know if this code works instore? Or online only ? With $80 shipping on large items it takes away the discount when our local store has the product in stock. Thanks

  • Does this code still work? Not working on my checkout.

    • Doesn't work for me either. Not surprised they've disabled it as I actually saw someone post it on a large kmart/warehouse group on facebook this weekend. They said they got it off a friend so don't know if they got it through this post or it came from hospitality NZ.

    • Looks like it's been disabled again.
      I'll expire the post.

    • Not working on my checkout either 😬

    • Yep not working for me either.

  • any new torpedo7 codes?

    • I'll send you a PM

      • -1

        could you pm me too please??

      • Pm me the new code too, please

      • -1

        Could you please PM me the code please. Going camping with my fur babies soon.

  • May I have torpedo7 new code, please

  • -1

    Any new codes for torpedo 7 pls?

  • +2

    All those people who have just created an account just to ask for a code, please note that bigcheese won't respond to you for another month, and only after you have voted or commented on deals (other than asking for a code in this and related topics).

    And those who have got a code from bigcheese but do nothing for the next month, bigcheese has all the rights in the world to give you a wide berth when you come back asking for the updated code (it is only a matter of time before the current code expires). As I understand it, bigcheese has spent time cracking the last 2 codes but he doesn't post a "deal" on this anymore as that would shorten the code's life expectancy. If you benefit from his time please vote next time he posts a deal.

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    For those who cannot get access to Hospitality Code, you may go instore and quote 1TEAM. It is not the best discount as the above code but still a good option.

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