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PlayStation 5 Disc Console $809 + Delivery @ Noel Leeming


PS5 available online only.

Mod Edit: Use MYNL16W10 for further $10 off.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming


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    Looks like 125 available via cart manipulation - good luck everyone!

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    101 in stock as of 11.52am

  • dang, no digital - 92 now

  • now says out of stock lol

    back in stock again 88 left

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    Sweet, just bought one and used code MYNL16W10 for $10 off.

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      Thank you for this - got an Xbox. Would prefer PS5 but this works out well to have something secured for upcoming holidays plus the Game Pass deal adds a ton of value 😉

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      Nice find didn't spot that, was after one of those as well haha. That'll be the next mission!

  • Are they hard to get your hands on one or something?

    • Yep. Sporadic availability.

      • damn

  • not able to use the code…

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    Weird how the twitter bots didn’t pick this, noel leeming must have done something different. Hoping no scalpers got any of these units.

    • Yeah was pure luck I must have done my hourly refresh right as this went up. Posted it here as soon as my order went through.

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        Nice, happy for you mate

    • how do the twitter bots work?

      • There are few nz twitter pages that tweet whenever ps5 or xbox is available at any retailer

    • Considering there's no image on the page I'm wondering if it's a new product page that is different enough to not trigger the bots. Hopefully Noel Leeming of all people found a way to stop this madness 🤣

      • Yes i guess so 😊

      • if your scanning the pages you only need to scan the add to cart/out of stock area.
        but basically NL is using new links (we addresses) so it wouldn't haven been able to be scanned.

        Also seems MYNL16W10 only works once on accounts now.

  • Damn, missed out.

  • My mate who moved to Aus wants me to try and get one for his brother for Xmas….I told him he might as well ask me to eat my own head, that would be easier than grabbing one! But thanks for the link, just missed out! Will try again later :)

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      The drops tend to come in waves as they come into the country, so keep your eyes peeled for possible drops on The Warehouse, JB HiFi, and Mighty Ape.

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        Thank you! I am hopeful and I appreciate it, and I signed up to here just for this. I also signed up on Twitter too to follow that bot account…

        Next thing you'll know I'll be one of those cool influencer kids. #NotSponsored

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          They usually drop beginning of each month and only during the weekday so keep that in mind

  • Congrats to those who scored a PS5 this time!

    If you have PS Plus, the November games (for PS4 or PS5) include an online game called “First Class Trouble”, which is quite a fun variation to the social game “Among Us”. Though the fun comes from players being communicative (using the mic).

    If anyone is keen to have a go - hit me up and we can get an NZ group going!

  • I was at NL Newmarket Westfield this morning - it's not on the website and no stock in store, but the staff member could see around 40 units of the digital edition in the country which he could request a transfer.

    • How do you buy it? Do you mean if you go in store to new market they will order it for you?

      • Yeah, if you go instore they can order it for you (assuming there's more left since this morning). By the same logic you could probably call your local store and order it over the phone to be collected once it arrives

  • Anyone had theirs ship out yet?

    • Yep got mine Saturday night, in Auckland.

      • Of course just after I made the comment I get the shipping confirmation, looks like I'll get it for the weekend!

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