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[XB1] Deadly Premonition 2, Ori & Will of the Wisps, Resident Evil 3 $15 each, Ride 4 $5, Hunt: Showdown $5 and More @ EB Games


Several new deals added to the EBGames Managers Special
$5 Ride 4 Sold Out
$5 Dungeons 3 Complete Collection
$5 Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition
$5 HUNT: Showdown
$5 Kingdom Majestic Limited Edition
$15 Daemon X Machina
$15 Deadly Premonition 2
$15 Saints Row the Third Remastered
$15 Streets of Rage 4
$15 Ori and the Will of the Wisps
$15 Balan Wonderworld
$15 Dishonored and Prey: The Arkane Collection
$15 Resident Evil III
$15 Bubble Bobble Micro Player 6" Collectible Retro My Arcade Arcade Machine
& more.

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  • Got Daemon X Machina thanks

  • +1

    Thanks, I got the NES carry case for $5 :)

    • Me too - will fit my super nes :)

    • Even with $10 shipping I reckon it was a decent deal.

  • +1


    Streets of Rage 4 for $15 seems good. Being a fan of the genre, I bought this when it first came out and the kids still play it now as it's up to 4 player couch coop.

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    Some PC keyboards and mice seem to be at a lower price compared to competitors, dunno what they're like since im not a heavy gamer

    Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    EB $115 vs PB tech $148.99

    Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse
    EB $100 vs PB Tech $135

    Razer Naga Pro Modular Wireless Gaming Mouse
    EB $145 vs PB tech $199

    Logitech G533 Wireless 7.1 Headset $150

  • Fyi ps5 ride no one has it.out of stock ..

    • Edited the OP, still available on Xbox 👍

  • thanks OP got the bubble bobble

  • Thanks, been looking for a deal for Streets of Rage. Would have loved the bubble bobble machine but none near me

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