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Liberty Elevate Sit / Stand Desk - Black $189.99 + Free Shipping @ 1 Day


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Its a wind up ones, decent deal i would say….i would love to grab one but i have one which i am happy with…

Crank up your comfort with the Elevate Desk from Liberty. Whether you need better blood flow to your legs or alleviation from backaches, this desk lets you stand, or have a seat and take a load off while smashing out the paperwork.

Easy to adjust with the simple turn of the handle, this desk has an elevation range of nearly 50cm. The reinforced crossbar strengthens and stabilises this desk, while its rounded corners offer style and safety.


Ideal for home or office
Strong sturdy and stable design - a high-quality desk ready to go to work every day!
Sit or stand – super easy height adjustment
Help alleviate back pain caused by sitting for prolonged periods
Easy to adjust – up or down with an easy turn handle
Crank handle slides away when not in use.
Reinforced crossbar for stability
Rounded corners on desktop
Levelling feet – can adapt to almost any surface
Super strong precision robotically welded frame
Assembly required

Material: Particle Board & Melamine, Steel, Plastic
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1400 x 600 x 700 to 1170mm
Frame Orientation: Rectangular
Tabletop Thickness: 18mm
Leg Quantity: Two Legs
Adjustable Feet Pad: Yes
Max. Speed: 10mm/turn
Controller Type: Crank Handle

Additional Details
Product Code: L2LCEN0L0

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  • If you have the budget, I would highly suggest an electric one over wind-up / manual.

    • What would you suggest? I'm keen on a good electric one

      • I got this one from PB Tech - https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/DSKLCK118TW/Loctek-Home--Of…

        Unfortunately it looks like no stock until March next year! The downside of this one is that you can't use a freestanding monitor arm (glass tabletop) but it does come with a nifty drawer and USB ports. Was on sale for $460 when I snapped it.

  • Shipping is $30.00 for the North Island, $60.00 for the South Island.

  • The white version was $149.99 on The Market. No longer available though but could often be around that price level?

  • This is a perfect thread to ask this question. Could someone please recommend a good desk for dual monitor setup? I am ok with using a non-adjustable desk. My budget is around $300. Thank you.

    • get a wooden desk that's bigger than 120cm if you want dual ultrawides or 27'+ size monitors on them 1x 34' ultrawide takes up about 85cm across, currently have them on separate desks and can't mount since its glass top

      seriously tempted to get this 1 day one, definitely cheaper that warehouse stationary/mighty ape ones.

      • thanks my dude. This one looks good but I am bit worried about the width. the desk I have now is 180*80. Moving to a new place so want to cut down on the length because 180 is bit too much but also sacred that 60cm width might be bit short. Thank you

        • +1

          My current desk is 60cm x 120cm fits a Mi 34' (81cm wide) and and 011 dynamic case (28cm) with about a ~10cm gap between them
          the one i have has a draw that 42cm wide i bang my leg on now and then lol
          extra 20cm may not seem like much but is very good coming from what i have currently.

          60cm deep is plenty. Though 75cm would be ideal for a bit more playroom. But having monitor mounts fixes that easy.

    • How big are the monitors? I've got a 1800 wide and managed to fit a 29 inch ultrawide and 2 24 inch monitors on the thing. Mounts are the best thing though, they just mean no clutter and better cable management. If your monitors are slightly wider than the desk you can get away with it with mounts.

      • Hi. Thank you for your reply. I have one 27 inch and one 24inch monitor. Do you think I will be able to fit these monitor as well as the case on the table? Do you also recommend single mount for each monitor? I have one mount with two arms at the moment and monitor adjustment is very limited on these. Thanks

  • op needs to change the code to iloveshopping or 10off2021

    • Done mate, cheers

  • We have wind up ones at work which are noisy and wobbly as hell. I'm looking for a great quality electric one for the home office, anyone have suggestions?
    and / or new office chair suggestions ;)

    • +1

      I have a PBTech Loctek (got one last lockdown). Pretty damn solid and have had 0 issues with it.

    • Highly recommend Uno furniture https://unofurniture.co.nz/

  • I just bought the MightyApe one 2 days ago and now I feel like a fool because it won't be delivered for another 2 weeks 🥲

  • $10 cheaper now

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