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The American Express Airpoints Card - 100 Bonus Airpoints for spending $750 in First 3 Months ($0 Fee)


$0 Annual Fee.
100 Bonus Airpoints Dollars (Usually 50)
Apply online by 28 February 2022, be approved and spend $750 on your new Card in the first 3 months of Card Membership. New Card Members only.

Referral Links

Airpoints: random (34)

Referrer gets 15 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

Airpoints Platinum: random (52)

Referrer gets 40 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints Platinum card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

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  • Nice deal, i have never seen $0 annual fees on AMEX cards before. Will apply and try this card on turkey netflix and youtube India via vpn as my Anz credit card or visa debit card wasn’t acceptable when i tried to register netflix turkey

    • this card was always 0 annual fees, it's the platinum that had fees

      the earn rate isn't great but better than comparable starter Airpoints card from other visa/mast

  • Not meaning to highjack your thread but for some bigger spenders Amex is also offering $500 airpoints for a Platinum Airpoints card before 29 Nov.
    $1500 min spend…

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      Just to add, annual fees $195 though

      • On the Amex Airpoints Platinum you'd have to spend more than $11,500 per year to be rewards positive.
        If you put all your groceries, petrol, utilities through the card it can easily be done.

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          Correct, thats what i do on my anz airpoints visa platinum

      • Call for a retention offer is a thing for AMEX, so the actual fee might less.

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      Isn't it quite standard at 19.95% for most credit cards? I always pay back the full amount before the due date to avoid any interest charged.

  • there is also platinum edge card. cheaper annual fee at $149…but for am own points. not sure if this is better deal than the plantinum air points card…

    • With the Platinum Edge you get a free return Air NZ flight every year included for the annual fee. Well worth it.

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    Could anyone please share (or is there already somewhere) a list of the common places Amex isn't accepted? I'd quite like to give them a try but I mainly use my CC for big purchases with only some day-to-day spending atm, so knowing it'll be accepted is quite important.

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      takeaway shops (corner coffee shop), small businesses (asian groceries, sunday markets) - generally don't accept amex.
      big fast food chains (burger fuel, macca, kfc), groceries (paknsave, countdown), box stores (warehouse, noel leeming, briscoes) - generally accept it.

      here is a list:…

      • Awesome, thank you! :)

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          Shops don't usually accept AMEX but UberEATS does. So one way is to order using UberEATS self pickup and pay with AMEX.

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      @aerol I think it would be easier to list the places accept Amex. I find more and more retailers don't accept them after covid. Major supermarkets and petrol stations still accept it.

      It depends on what you want to get out of it. Just want some free points, then the basic airpoints card is good. If you spend lots and actively collecting airpoints, then airpoints platinum card is better.

      If you like flexibility, then platinum edge card, you can transfer to 7 airlines and hotel as well. It also give you a free domestic return flight each year.

      • Can you share what stores are not accepting Amex after covid? Thanks

        • I can only think of a few atm, Mitre 10 online, land transport, Starbucks top up, Lotto online, Botany Vodafone. I took a week holiday this July in South Island and only a few places accepted Amex. Or maybe its a South island thing? Most of them usually say sorry but Amex just charge too much for fees.

          Also quite a few places accept visa and mastercard without any problem. But want to add 2 to 3 % if paid by Amex, eg. Bed, bath and beyond, beaurepaires. Do you always have positive experiences using your Amex?

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      For online shopping, if the website takes PayPal then you can use Amex through PayPal's website. Also Laybuy takes Amex as well.

      It all depends on where you shop. I find generally large nationwide chain stores will accept Amex.

      H&M and Citta are some of the stores that I'm surprised not accepting Amex, however Citta takes Laybuy so could just use Amex via Laybuy.

      I am waiting patiently for Amex to go on Apple Pay

    • I was surprised Stuff Fibre does not accept AMEX. I had the impression that most utility companies would likely to include AMEX in their accepted payment options.

      • Mercury Energy also does not accept AMEX

        • ElectricKiwi don't either. Slingshot does accept tho.

      • Just now on PBTech, Amex wasn't going thru. Strange. It was declined after submitting the card details.

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