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Hungry Bin Composter $230 (was $325 / Save $95) @ HungryBin


Get $95 discount on a Hungry Bin composter using the code DOMARCO1.

Normal price is $325, but applying the discount code gives $95 discount (approx. 29%), bringing the price down to $230.

Note delivery is extra (Freight costs $11.50 to the North Island, $34.50 to the South Island & Waiheke & other islands. Rural additional $5.).

Collection from Onehunga is available only when Auckland is back in Level 2.

Obviously quite expensive for a composter, but well made, compact and easy to maintain and manoeuvre (can sit on a deck for example) and the I like the design since it keeps the vermin out.

Don't forget to get some worms as well, either from Hungry Bin (for an extra $50 for 500gms, or alternatively perhaps a little cheaper on on Trademe).

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    We have had our Hungry Bin for over a decade now and love it. Its easy, no hassle, clean and did I mention easy. Would certainly buy again if for some reason ours disappeared.

    • Are you able to comment around unwanted bugs around the bin?
      We are by the bush and my concern is that bugs from the bush will be attracted to this and they will be everywhere.

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        We live in an urban area, so may not be helpful. However during our time of ownership we only had bugs when you lifted the lid.

        Was small fruit flys inside.

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        We live in the bush and there is nothing out of the norm; usual stuff, spiders etc like to live around it, but they do that anyhow. At the end of the day if you keep a healthy bin (ie don't overload it and keep the environment happy), you shouldn't have any issues with bugs/smells/etc.

        • Spiders are definitely a wanted bug :D

          Thanks for the insight, do you ensure the juice catcher is kept empty?

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            @Foodie: I have a smaller container (eg I think its currently an old baby formula tin) within the larger one, as we found the larger one ended was being filled up slowly and was therefore loosing content via evaporation (larger surface area). But yeah once that smaller one is filled, sometimes I am lazy and leave it and then the larger one also fills up and I pull finger and have to then fill up some bottles to store it. But if you are asking whether you need to empty it to ensure no bugs/vermin etc are attracted, the answer is no you don't, it seems to have very little appeal to anything except the plants.

            It took a little while to get used to the habits of the worms (eating preferences etc - weirdly enough I just think of them like my wife now who is coeliac/gluten free and a vegetarian :D ) , but they do adapt (and change the pace of eating etc) to the weather/temps and to get the most out of it, it helps to not be totally detached from the process, but its certainly not something that you need to labor over. Eg if you go on holiday for a couple/few weeks - just get a couple of pumpkins cut them and put them upside down in it, cover with damn news paper and you will still have happy worms when you return.

            My parents have just moved down country and they are going to get another of them because of their ease/efficiency.

            • @AleBeerenhoff: Sorry, my fat fingers on my phone pressed negative and it's not letting me change it :(
              Very much appreciate the info.
              My main concern would be lots of stuff attracted to the juice and bug me.
              Thanks again

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                @Foodie: haha no worries. The juice is the least attractive (in my experience). At most the interest seems to be from the stuff in the top of the bin. Ideally you are feeding the bin with enough of the stuff that matches the worms rate of eating, in which case its usually just the worms (and the spiders :P ). If it becomes a little out of balance you can get things like additional flying things (eg fruit flies etc), but its not swarms of them, and even then they all contribute to the process of breaking the food down, so then once things get back in balance normal life continues on as normal.

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                @Foodie: So on my pc atleast, under the comment is a "votes" text, click that. Then it will show your minus vote and on the right of that is a little red circle with a white line through it, click that circle to remove your negative vote.

                • @parlane: Ah cool, didnt get to it in time, next time :D
                  "Votes older than 1 hour cannot be revoked"

  • Love our one we got second hand - highly recommend for anyone looking for an easy way to compost.

  • Great deal & product OP.

  • Anyone have any feedback on bugs from these? Thinking about upgrading our regular compost bin (which we don't turn or do anything to, and are generally super lazy). We have an issue with the little flying bugs we would like to get away from, wondering if a hungry bin would help.

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    Delivery to North island seems to be $24 for me even though it says on product description is $11.50.

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      Update: I emailed them and said the $24 was incorrect and they were looking into it. They manually corrected my order to be $11.50

      • Are you sure? It says $11.50 is within Auckland. I don't think $24 for delivery to North Island is incorrect.

  • Dose these withstand the Wellington winds?

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      it is very heavy when full but you'd want to have it shielded / hidden away from the sun

      • ah, thanks.

  • Any idea how long the code will last? I want to buy one but will need to next paycheck.

  • They have updated the shipping costs:

    Freight costs vary from $11.50 within Auckland to $47.00 in the South Island.

    For example, $24.00 to Wellington.

  • They aren't using NZ Post so delivery should be quicker than the current (up to 2 weeks in Auckland) time. I was worried about the worms but they said they'll be fine.

  • Are these better than other brands as in mitre and Bunnings both have other brands of worm composer forlm about $100

    • Yeah these are bigger and much heavier duty

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