6 Months Free Fibre Broadband Skinny on a 12 Months Contract @ Skinny Broadband


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Skinny just doubled down on their offer from 3 months free to 6 months free broadband on a 12 months contract

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Referee gets 4GB rollover data, referrer gets $20 account credit. Referee must activate new sim and buy a $16 or above 4 weekly rollover plan.

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  • What, just moved to Skinny with only 3 months free.

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      See if you can get the new offer, it's worth a try

    • same here, let me know

      • They told me no way to get 6 months free, if you are not happy, just go to another ISP.

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        I just live chatted them and they converted me from 3 months to 6 months no questions asked in a few minutes

        • when did you moved to Skinny? thanks.

          • @baikal: I signed up last month with a connection date the week. So haven't been connected yet officially

        • Could you please PM me your Skinny email address if possible, so I can talk with the Skinny live support and prove that I was treated differently. Thank you very much.

        • im chatting with them now. how long have u been with them?

          • @Hayce Irri: converted to 6 month?

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              @baikal: they said no cause the billing had already been set up. Ive been with them for a month and 2 days.

              They did say to hit them up if they treated a customer differently. So waiting for info from nzjay

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                @Hayce Irri: Don't worry too much, Skinny's competitors will have to respond soon. 6 months free is too good of a deal and they'll start losing customers fast.

                And once they do, call up Skinny again. If no bueno then consider paying the break fee.

          • @Hayce Irri: I hadn't connected yet only signed up

  • The six months free broadband offer (“the offer”) applies to your first six months base plan charges on your new Skinny Fixed Line account. The offer is only available to customers who do not currently purchase broadband from Skinny and have not had broadband with Skinny within the last 90 days. The offer is available for a limited time only.

    Offer applies to new Skinny customers signing up to any of the following plans, on a 12-month term:
    Unlimited ADSL
    Unlimited VDSL
    Unlimited Fibre 30
    Unlimited Fibre 100
    Unlimited Fibre 200 Cantab
    Unlimited Fibre Ultra

    The offer includes a free modem and standard broadband connection for ADSL, VDSL and fibre customers. Non-standard installation charges apply. Modem shipping and handling fee applies.

    If you leave Skinny before the end of your 12-month contract, an early exit fee of $199 will apply if you leave in the first 6 months and $99 of you leave in the second 6 months. The offer is subject to change without notice.

    The offer will be applied to your Skinny account as a credit for 100% of your base plan charges.
    The offer does not include any additional services which will be charged at full price, including during the first six months of your new Skinny plan.

    This offer may not be combined with any other “new customer” promotional offers. It may only be combined with other publicly available offers on the Skinny website (an “other offer”), provided you are eligible for the other offer at the date you sign up, the other offer is not a ‘new customer’ offer and the combination of the other offer and this offer is not prohibited in the terms of the other offer.

    Broadband not available everywhere and speeds vary. Local Fibre Company terms apply if you have a fibre connection. Skinny's Broadband Customer Terms and Conditions apply to all Skinny broadband plans.

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    Free internet for 6 months then pay a $99 exit fee on the 7th month?

    • Is it feasible?

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        don't see why not…

    • That's actually very sneaky Mr Wakrak :-)

      I like it!


      • My only worry is that someone from Skinny would review the T&C upon reading this comment and amend it promptly to eliminate this loophole.

        But as you said, this is super sneaky.

        • As long as you strike a contract before they do that, you would be fine.

          Also, I don't reckon they'd actually bother - the number of people reading here is probably only a few hundred - too few to bother about?


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    Holy crap so $468 a year for 100/20 ($40 a month) or $588 ($50 a month) a year for 900/500. I'm going Gigabit for sure!

  • This is indeed good deal, too bad i am locked in contract with 2 degree

    • I’m locked in with Slingshot but going to look at the exit fee and do a couple of calculations. This might be worth leaving for.

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        I'm pretty lucky I got out of Slingshot last year when they had to charge me an extra $1 a month half way through my contract and said if I didn't like it I could leave. Any chance they're going to do that with the 300/100 upgrade?

        • Don't know aye. I currently pay $69.95 a month for a 100/20 plan, plus they gave me $30 credit at the beginning of my new 12 month contract (June 2021. I was telling them about other offers available at the time).

          edit - oof. Slingshot has a $250 exit fee for fibre. Almost 4 months worth of fibre for me.

          • @Wakrak: $250 fee?! are you sure… I just called them and they said I dont have any fee at all to cancel

            • @Bazz30: I just started a new contract in June of this year (threatened to leave so they gave me a $15 monthly discount & some credit which meant a new contract). Guessing you’re 12+ months on the same contract?

      • I'm in the same boat as you with slingshot. Please update as to whether or not you think it's worth it. Cheers.

        Edit: I just saw your edit. Thanks Wakrak.

        • Seriously considering it still. With or without the credit I already have in my account.

          Slingshot (100/20 plan) $69.95 a month x 12 = $839.40 + $30 I received = $809.40

          Skinny $78 x 6 = $468 + $250 (termination) + $10 modem = $728.

          I save $6.78 extra a month, which would be as if I was $60.67 with Slingshot (considering my current monthly bill + credit).

          I'm going to jump on the 900/500 plan then downgrade to 100/20 once I hit month seven.

          • @Wakrak: That's genius, although I'm worried there isn't a clause that says you have to stick on the same 900/500 plan for the whole duration of the contract?

            • @jacky: Quite a few members on here have said that you change speed at any time (with Skinny), free of cost. Hopefully I don't run into any issues when I get to month 7.

              • @Wakrak: Had a word with the live chat and they basically said you can switch whenever so yeah, fingers crossed for both of us.

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          Just signed up with Skinny. Now calling Slingshot to give my 30 day notice 😀

          • @Wakrak: Thank you. I've just seen your post above. Cheers mate

      • Im on the Gigabit plan + Power bundle

        I pay fortnightly $46 for Fibre 950 down - 500 up and get a 10% bundled discount.

        I called them just now and they are aware of this deal and she bluntly said "we cannot beat this deal, best I can do is $20 a month"

        To be honest, that would bring my pill down to $72 a month for Fibre so I lose the 10% power discount but this deal is still better.

        I think slingshot is real expensive for power as well so i may look elsewhere…thanks OP!

        • Yeah i recommend you should. Bundling power and internet is not any cheaper other than the convenience of paying just 1 bill

          • @BananaMeadow: any recommendations of power companies?

            • @Bazz30: Bazz30 I use Powershop and no one can beat them. I even tried Slingshot bundle with 10% off and still couldn’t. Check them out for yourself and get them to compare your bill. I think you get a $100 referral credit too (both referrer and referee) if you do decide to go with them.

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              @Bazz30: Cheapest currently is Contact Energy Good Nights Plan when I did power comparisons and I haven't had much issues with them since! Extra bonus if you get to use a referral code from someone to also get $100 off :)

    • I'm also locked in a contract with Orcon till Feb next year. But I'm going to try and sign up to secure the deal. Just not sure if they allow such a late connection date. Their live chat is currently offline. Will post the result here later on.

      • They said they only allow 2 months waiting so I'll be doing some calculations to see if it's worth breaking my current contract. The live chat also confirms that Skinny has no discount for BYO router.

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    Can you sign up to fibre max then move to fibre 100 after 6 months ? Hahah

    • Haha cause of the upgrade to 300/100?

      • Yeah so fibre max for first 6 months. Then move to fibre 300/100 from the 7th month. Assuming they will have the new plan by then.

        • I think downgrading is fine as long as your okay to stay in the contract. But I can let you know in 6 months 😛

        • Is the 300/100 only for some regions or NZ wide?

    • Live chat confirms you can change.

  • I'm also locked with 2 degree. Next time.

  • Is 30/10 a enough speed for light use?

    • for one person that's fine.
      Convert Mb/s to MB/s by dividing it by eight (8 bits in a byte). 30Mb/s connection would give you a maximum download speed of roughly 3.75MB/s.

    • For $5 I think trippling the speed is worth doing. 30 is enough to get by but having the 100 just makes it nicer to use. Very little chance it will buffer at that speed and if you download anything it's just a much more pleasant experience. Even things like updating your apps on your phone or opening a document it just does it without any waiting about. The upgrade to gigabit is a harder sell though, I like having it but generally speaking right now when the 100 becomes 300 soon that will be enough for the majority of people. I really think they should consider killing off the 30 plan as it seems wasteful using the fibre network on such low speeds.

      • makes sense. Thank you.

  • Is it easy to switch fibre?

    I'm worried that I'll get my disconnection date wrong and end up with no internet for a few days. Need it as I'm working from home now (plus the rest of the family will kill me).

    Is it as easy as power company changeovers where you just say ok and they handle everything behind the scenes?

    I don't need a new router - happy with my expensive one.

    • You can tell them what day you want the connection date to start, and yep it should easy as switching power companies from my experience but you do have to give at least a month notice. Though it's worth contacting Skinny to double check! You can use your own router but if you have any issues, they won't be able to help you out as much. As long as you can troubleshoot it yourself, then it would be fine

    • +3


      Follow these instructions to prevent any issues

    • I've never had an issue - all my connections have just gone from ISP-A to ISP-B without any downtime (except I had to reboot my router), but just in case I would have just used my phone as a hotspot - not ideal, but I have a lot of accumulated data anyway (especially since lockdowns), and it would be okay at a push.

      If you were trying to do a video call over 4G you could just kill your video feed, and go with audio for a day if it came to it.


  • Seems similar when compared with Stuff Fibre for the max speed 12 month term: $94.55 vs $98 per month.

    Does anyone know what model the "$199 smart modem" Skinny is offering? And how does it compare to the Stuff fibre one?

    • I have asus one with Stuff. My friend just signed up with Skinny last month. Time to ask him lol.

    • +1

      Looks like it's a Huawei hg639. Might buy my Asus one off stuff when I leave for this. Probably worth the $90 buyout for minimal fuss. Seemingly skinny don't use vlan tagging according to a geekzone thread which should give some more router options.

      • Spark, BigPipe and Skinny all now use the Arcadyan VRV9517

        • Looks like the Arcadyan VRV9517 > Asus RT-AC59U in my noob opinion?

          • @Bargain-Hunter: haha yep! I read someone on Geekzone last night that Asus routers were like hot garbage (I'll try look for the post) as I was researching getting a new fibre provider until this deal popped out of nowhere. But if someone with a more wrinkly brain than me can back up my claim that would be good!

        • How's it compare vs Fritzbox 7490?

          Don't really want to change my Fritzbox's

          • +1

            @Huntakillaz: From what I gathered on Geekzone, the consensus was that the Fritzbox is slightly better, bit more reliable and more tweaking functionalities

            • @BananaMeadow: Yeah thought so, neat..

              Just waiting on decent WIFI 6e fritzboxs now to upgrade :D

    • They actually stopped using the Huawei one and now use the same as the Spark Smart Modem https://www.spark.co.nz/shop/internet/spark-smart-modem/#tab...

  • Just in 3rd month with Stuff on a 6 months half price. Is it worth switching at this point ? Stuff has $99 exit fee.

    Need to do some calculations. Maybe, wait for couple of months more maybe, not sure.

    • Could you sign up for the skinny deal, but set the connection date for 3 months from now?

      • Even if not, you can probably do up to about 60 days out (more than 30 days is entirely the norm), which would perhaps still work out from a dollar perspective.

        • +1

          I just checked with support, they let me sign up with a connection starting in February next year, my 6 months free start in Feb - just had to pay the shipping fee etc. now.

          • @Dundenite: Damn, talked to a live chat agent this morning as my current contract expires in Feb. They said they can only allow 2 months waiting. I guess I'll have to try a different agent now.

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    I've posted this deal on Geekzone too (crediting you OP). Some of you might find that conversation helpful.


  • Just signed up, moved from contact (never use contact) my connection was supposed to start wednesday morning, i contacted them a week ago asking them to send the modem as nzpost says add extra 5 days cos covid, they assured me it would arrive in time. This morning… not even sent

  • -3

    if anyone is wondering, Skinny will throttle you

  • This sounds like a great deal but I’m not sure I’m willing to risk not having internet for any length of time due to having to work from home and needing a fairly high speed connection. Has anyone been in the same position when it comes to working from home and changing providers?

    • +1

      i changed from stuff to 2 degree 2 months ago, the changeover is quick, all i have to do is plug in new modem before bed time on the scheduled changeover day, was easy no issue at all

    • It's fine if you have 4G data backup and you don't need zoom all the time. Kogan has a $5 15GB starter pack which you can plug into a dual-SIM or spare phone, and use that as a hotspot.

      If you need more, there are unlimited data plans from the other mobile providers.

    • I swapped from Stuff to Slingshot a couple of weeks ago (free for six months offer) - essentially zero downtime.

      I got a txt from Slingshot saying 'you are transferred', I rebooted my router, and was back up in the minute or so that it took to restart.

      I would think all the ISPs are similary, but obviously I don't know from experience.


      • I was thinking of doing this too - you would have to replace the Stuff router though, wouldn't you?

        • +1

          Up to you - they will send you a courier bag to return it to them, or you can buy it for $90.

          Its not a great piece of kit, but not completely crap either.

          If you wanted to keep it because you aren't sure about all this stuff, then $90 is probably okay to avoid any hassle. I can't be sure that it would work with any other given ISP (I have only used it with Stuff-Fibre and Slingshot), so you'd have to try to find out (probably best to directly ask your new ISP).

          I have a number of routers at home, including one from Slingshot from a year ago (when I left them due to Stuff-Fibre offering a better deal), so I will use Slingshot's own modem / router while I stay with them again.

          I always prefer to have the modem / router that connects to the ONT as being one supplied by the ISP. That way, if you have issues, their tech support will definitely be able to assist wheras with your own piece of kit, they might try, but they can't be expected to be familar with all the settings on everything in the market. They also potentially have the ability to connect to it remotely. That's not ideal from my perspective as it is a security risk to me so….

          What I do is connect the ISPs modem / router to the ONT, then my own router to the LAN-side of the ISPs router. All of my security is handled by my own router, and I regard the ISPs router as being part of the public internet. The only config I do on their router is to forward ports and change the default passwords.

          That also means that, if their support people ever want to reset their modem / router to factory (or as shipped to me) then I don't care as I have little config on it anyway, and once things are fixed, I just re-forward the ports, change the password, and done.

          Hope that helps,


          • @Alan6984: Woah good tip!

          • @Alan6984: Been doing that since few years now. Switching ISP every 12 months. Got a mesh router in the house. ISP modem router goes to ONT and mesh router plugged into one of the lan port of ISP modem. I normally switch off the wifi in ISP modem to reduce noise. Got a server directly connected in the LAN network so always have a direct link to ISP router in case of issues.

            • @ace310: I generally leave the WiFi on in the ISPs router, and use that one to give to guests. That way, there is no risk to my LAN from guests IPhones and other dodgy devices :-)

              If you are running a server (I have some myself), I would be cautious about directly connecting them to the ISP's router as you would need to make sure that either that router or your server(s) (or both) are absolutely secure.

              If you know what you're doing then no issue at all - just noting :-)


              • @Alan6984: Thanks. I do have Guests channel on my mesh so no need for other Wifi. Also, I hardly get guests who ask for wifi :).

                Basically, I don't have much on the server other than few VMs running. Server itself is running behing a VPN 24/7 so I assume it's secure enough. Plus firewall is blocking most of the ports.

          • @Alan6984: IMO it's unnecessary, and just adds complexities you need to deal with like double NAT etc.

            Far better to keep the ISP's router handy but only connect it if needed. Frankly considering how crap some ISP routers are, even if it's only doing limited working still a risk it creates more problems than it solves.

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