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Free $10 Grocery Voucher with Every Vaccination (10am to 4pm Saturday) @ Pakn'Save Mt Albert, Ormiston, Royal Oak


Well Aucklanders, if you missed out on the Air NZ 'JabaSeat' promo (like me :-( ) here's another great deal to get you vaccinated on Super Saturday. Both 1st and 2nd jabs welcome.

$10 voucher for every person vaccinated at their car park, 10am to 4pm on Super Saturday. Voucher must be used on the day, or the next day. Voucher cannot be used to buy alcohol, tobacco or gift cards.

Source: Facebook

Pakn'Save Ormiston:
If you get a jab from Life Pharmacy Ormiston between 12pm-5pm Saturday you also get a $10 grocery voucher. Limit 200 vouchers so be there early.

Source: Facebook

Pakn'Save Royal Oak:
If you get a jab from Unichem Royal Oak between 9am-5pm Saturday you also get a $10 grocery voucher, plus Unichem reward points and a free coffee. Limit 100 vouchers.

Source: Facebook

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  • Just FYI I'm seeing a few shopping malls' carparks get cordoned off, so I'm guessing we may see supermarkets and malls try to outdo each other with deals on Super Saturday to get everyone jabbed. Monitor your local Facebook pages.

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      Man, the slow pokes get to have all the fun. All I got was a sticker.

      • +5

        You got a STICKER? All I got was a "you're good to leave now."

        • +1

          I had a snooze - they woke me up after about three hours saying, 'Thought you were dead mate!'

        • No sticker for me either, both doses. Did you at least get the card? Heard some people didn't.

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    Next pandemic, I'm definitely not getting the vaccine until the bribes get to at least $500 a shot!

  • $1 Million I will get the booster shot as well.

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    can i get a third shot…

    • Does the Ministry of Health have a system that stops you?

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      At this rate of gain, I'm up for fourth, fifth, sixth, and more.

      I won't have to pay for anything for months.

      • If two shots are good, fifteen shots must be better.

        • Also, somewhere around the 25 shot mark, I might be able to start selling my blood (it'll be 0.00000% pure Pfizer by then) out the back of certain places as a miracle cure!

          I'd need to find some credulous punters though - people that believe in magical beings perhaps.

          • @Alan6984: I'm imagining a godzilla/kong style fight between you and brian tamaki

            • @Foodie: Bit rude, but I'll let Brain Tamaki reply on his own behalf :-)

              I am a fan of Potty Hatter myself - the Demoters are particularly cute, but I have to admit that I do not have faith that they actually exist.

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            @Alan6984: I got vaccinated in March/April this year, so would be keen on a booster for later this year or early next year when it starts spreading though Wellington.

    • Funnily enough I got my second shot on Tuesday. Few hours later someone mentioned the vax-a-thon and prizes and stuff and was wondering if I should have waited. But to be honest, I think no since it sounds like it could be crazy busy so not worth it.

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    Royal Oak (Auckland)


    For anyone 12 years or over, you can come down to Unichem Royal Oak between 9:00am and 5:00pm this Saturday and get vaccinated — it doesn’t matter if it’s the 1st or 2nd – it’s how we support each other. There’ll be a $10 off PAK’nSAVE Royal Oak voucher for everyone who receives their first or second vaccination at Unichem Royal Oak (limit 100). Plus Unichem reward points and a Free coffee!

    • Thanks, updated.