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Updated Torpedo7 Hospitality NZ code


The old code has expired, updated the Hospitality NZ code to HNZ2021594
Works when logged in for discounted club $5.99 shipping or free shipping over $99.

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  • Legend, I was thinking they'd gotten rid of this!

  • Anything interesting that anyone has bought - any good deals?

  • 14” tramp $666.41
    12” tramp $571.50

  • niceeeeee

  • yo

  • Will they be asking for a hospitality ID or nah? It’s a huge deal btw

    • +1

      Used it a good seven times + click & collect. Never been asked for ID.

    • Used once, no issues. Presumably because you have already paid for it staff won't care.

    • Used it heaps of times online home delivery and also click collect at store, they never ask nothing

    • +1

      I brought something instore today and they asked for the hospitality ID, I didn't have the physical card on me but had to give details on the business for them to put it through. So would recommend doing click & collect if you don't actually have the ID :)

  • Thanks, Been waiting a while to grab a SUP

  • hey guys, is this code not working with kids bikes?

    • +2

      Some items do not get much, if any, discount. I tried it with adult bikes on sale a few weeks ago and it did not give any more discount

    • +1

      When we get out of lockdown go to the Albany store and ask for Adrian, with minimal prompting he was offering discounts on bikes of at least 10% which is more than you'll get with this code.

  • Just tested the code with Roshan's order and now it's saying coupon does not exist.

    • Tested with shhuuu0328's order too. Think it's expired

      • I just tested it with something random (2021 Nippers Kids Kayak & Paddle) and it worked. For some reason copy and pasting the code doesnt work for me.

        • Works fine - just bought something - no issues - saved $17

        • Either I didn't log in or I copied and pasted the code and that was the reason why it wasn't working

    • works for me

    • Are you logged into a T7 account?

    • Works for me, even when logged in for the free shipping

      • ah that mightve been why, i wasnt logged in

  • Got some really good deals on lifejackets with the old code. They are rarely discounted otherwise so this code is really useful, thanks.

    • Any recommendations?

      • I just got the torpedo 7 branded ones - they seem pretty good - and were the best value and seemed to fit the kids the best.

  • +1

    what a GC

  • What is Hospitaltity NZ? Do they have codes elsewhere?

  • cheers bro, got a decent set of fitness accessories for a nice discount, ended up paying on zip, shame there weren't any active zip codes tho. chur

  • Earlier you had to log out of your account in order to use this code, but now it works even if you are logged in, that’s great

  • Friends & Family code just came out.


    Available November 3 - 16. Most likely won't provide a better discount but will wait and see.

  • Has this expired? Saying no longer valid…

    • Interesting. I tried to use this code this morning and my payment failed. So now I tried to do it again just now and when I went to the Hospitality it website now says:

      "Email [email protected] for our exclusive HNZ Promo Code!"

      It looks like this deal is over…

    • maybe they're onto us….lol

  • +2

    Who's going to email HNZ for the code 😄

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