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LG 48" A1 OLED TV $1798 + Shipping @ Noel Leeming


Here's a decent deal on the 48 inch LG A1, at $1798 it's probably the cheapest OLED television in NZ. Just beware it's not very bright compared to the C1, no HDMI 2.1, and 60Hz only with no VRR.

Ends Oct 5th or while stock lasts.


LG OLED 4K with self-lit pixels, AI Picture, Game Optimiser
a7 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K
Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, FILMMAKER MODE, HDR10
Dolby Atmos, AI Sound Pro, 20W speakers, eARC
WebOS 6.0, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Spark Sport, Neon, Twitch, TVNZ On Demand, Amazon Video and more.
Amazon Alexa, ThinQ AI
3 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB, works with Apple Airplay 2 & HomeKit, Bluetooth
Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming


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    Been looking at getting a 48” C1 for use as a monitor with some occasional gaming. Anyone else doing the same with the A1/C1? Or thoughts on how the A1 would go as a monitor?

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      Got the C1 about two weeks ago now and it’s now my pc monitor. For my use case which is primarily gaming and general browsing it’s great imo. You will need a desk/ setup that can give you some space between yourself and the screen as it is quite big. My desk is 800mm deep and with how i sit i’ve got about 1 meters distance. if i was able to get sat another 10cm further it’d be perfect imo (which could be achieved with a wall or desk mount). As for the A1, i wouldn’t personally purchase it as it lacks the gaming features the C1 has iirc which defeats the purpose of using it as a gaming screen.

      • Thanks so much for the response, it is really helpful especially your details about dimensions/viewing distance. I take your point too, at a few hundred more, might as well spring for the gaming features.

        Do you have any thoughts between the C1 and a 49" Ultrawide from the likes of Dell/Samsung? That's my only other consideration as they are all within the same ballpark price…

        At the moment, thinking about it from a future resell/upgrade perspective, the LG C1 seems to me like it should have a wider market to sell to as opposed to a more specialist solution such as a 49" Ultrawide. Keen to hear yours and any other people's thoughts/usage experiences.

        • I actually upgraded from an Acer x34 Ultrawide so I guess I have some insight to your consideration.

          Firstly, the main reason I upgraded from the UW was because I just wasn't happy with how the blacks looked. When playing games like RDR2 and I'm riding around at night I found it difficult to see where I was going or watching video content and just thinking the image in dark scenes just wasn't good enough.

          Obviously, this meant I was on the look out for an OLED display but currently there's no real gaming OLED monitor which lead me to the C1.

          Also, I had the 34" ultrawide for 5 years and when I first got it I remember being wow'd by how big it felt compared to the usual 27inch screen.

          But over time I felt the vertical size was actually a bit too narrow and wanted something bigger.

          I haven't seen a 49" UW in person so my issue with the vertical height and general size could be cancelled out.

          If you have had experience with an ultrawide going to a C1 or any 16:9 monitor can be a bit jarring as the fov does feel small again haha

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      I'm holding out for C1 at $1,800. May have to wait for Black Friday, Boxing Day or clearance before C2 arrives. May be possible with stacking a Noel Leeming special, TheMarket coupon and Kiwiwallet cashback in future as well.

      • Hi Peter, yes a C1 at that price point would be highly compelling. I'm personally wondering what will happen this Black Friday/Boxing Day with regards to stock shortages/overseas inflation etc.

      • Thats what they sell it for in USA, wish we had same prices here in NZ. We pay some much more for the same products. I need to upgrade my 65” tv in living room, its KDL-65W850C. I want to go 75 or 85inch but oled of these sizes are super expensive. I guess i will need to wait for black friday sale too, hoping c1 prices to go down otherwise i will just go with sony x90j

        • What's your budget?

          • @Peter Wyngarde: Happy to spend up to $4k but wanting bigger than 65” if possible. I have one 1080p sony non smart tv in master bedroom as well that i need to get rid of. So the option 1 is: buy 40ish inch for bedroom, buy 75 or 85inch for living room, sell the current 65inch 4k smart sony on facebook. Option 2 is: put the current 65inch in bedroom (not sure if its gonna be too big?) and still buy new 75 or 85inch for living room. My living room is bright and i heard oled is not good for bright spaces, also there is always risk of burn in.

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              @offroad: That's a bit to think about. I'll do some research over the weekend. I'm looking for a smaller bedroom or study TV myself.

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      I listen to the Linus tech podcast and he's had lots of issues with burnin on his oled monitors

      I'd have a scrub through the monitors subresdit

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        Yes, Linus just released a video about burn-in on his OLED TV monitor. OLEDs may last as little as a year in heavy use cases.


        I got a 43" monitor and that's probably a big too big for me, I have to tilt and turn my head when looking at stuff at the edges, which gets annoying fast.

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    I was expecting a price reduction on the $1,996 when I noticed the green stock level hadn't budged. I wouldn't be surprised it's reduced further over the weekend or closer to end of sale period.

  • IMO most OLED buyers are either ones that have read up on what they want (i.e. feature packed and not only 60hz) and or buying it purely for the picture quality.

    At this price point, to the generic buyer, they would be absolutely comparing it to larger sized screens - which probably explains the lack of sales on the A1.

    • The Auckland lockdown is also a big issue for the lack of sales IMO, people can't compare TVs with their own eyes if the stores aren't open.

      Also I think the pre-Christmas sales this year is shaping up to be rather weak, you got inflation and supply disruptions everywhere. I don't expect we'll see any fantastic deals from the retailers this year.