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Save 10-50% across All The Big Brands @ Noel Leeming


Massive Sellout
Starts online Wed 29th Sept at 7.30pm and instore Thurs 30th Sept

Use long time discount code: MYNL16W10 to save another $10 off (minimum $100 spend)



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    Darn, no hard drives by the looks of it. Ive been tracking their products and noticed they’ve jacked the prices of their large capacity hard drives by about $50 each this week in preparation…

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    PS5 lol

    • They were selling them on the 23rd with Estimated delivery 5-7 business days.
      Now its planned on the 10/10 so keep an eye out.

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    Any news if jbhifi will have a sale?

  • 21% off Apple iPad Air at $788 normally $999.

    • Harvey Norman sell iPad Air at $787……

      • Yes there's going to be competitive response with undercutting until the pricing stabilises. You can get from Noel Leeming via TheMarket for 5% off and Kiwiwallet 3.5% cashback at $722.40 = $788 × 0.95 × 0.965.

        • Saw PB tech have it for $779, but The Market discount you show that's way better. Only issue is The Market only sell the green iPad Air. I'm tempted, although I hope 64 GB would be enough.

            • @Peter Wyngarde: Yeah bummer, I looked about an hour ago and was still in stock so I guess the decision is made for me then haha.

              • @Hamster: It might be restocked you never know. The giftee owns a green iPhone 12 bought in January. I thought it was a safe bet they wanted a green iPad Air. They'd already paid $100 to upgrade the iPhone to 128GB from 64GB. I'm hoping the iPad is used for Apps and 64GB is enough. I didn't like the extra $250 to upgrade to 256BG from 64GB.

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    As always, if you're buying a tv at least go in store… they've got a new commission structure so you wont get the dirt cheap TVs from salespeople anymore but you'll still almost always get less than the sticker price

    They dont care if you buy a phone outright, small appliances, laptops unless its a big store.

    And remember to not buy the extended warranty

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      The last time I engaged with a hovering Noel Leeming salesperson regarding a TV and mentioned the lowest recent price on PriceSpy they got angry and quickly disappeared.

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        I went to buy Samsung Frame 43 inch earlier this year and NL told me they were out of stock so then I went to Harvey Norman and they beat NL's price and the sales guy also gave me free frames for it as well as surge protector for free!

        • That's funny I ended up buying at Harvey Norman 2 × Samsung QA55Q80RASXNZ for $5,000 and received $400 Harvey Norman Gift Cards and qualified for $700 Countdown Gift Cards from Samsung.

          • @Peter Wyngarde: How in the world did you do that!?

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              @jacky: I didn't negotiate much better as pricing was already reduced for one day sale on 28/02/20. I was only asking for < $100 discount in total and $200 Gift Card per TV already included. Last day to qualify for Samsung promotion as well. My first choice was 1 × Samsung 65" Q90R (already included $500 Gift Card) and 1 × Samsung 55" RU8000 but couldn't get $5,000. In hindsight, I should've bought what I really wanted which was 1 × Sony 55" A9F for $2,500.

      • It depends how the commission is setup.

        For high-end tv's they now make a % of the sale above a min. sales price, normally $0. In the past if the tv wasnt on a rewards site (like LG, samsung etc) they'd never bother to help you/

  • I wonder if the prices will be adjusted on The Market as well before their 10% store wide discount finishes at 9am tommorrow.

    Edit: oh scratch that, just saw it starts at 7:30pm, not am

    • Damnit they aren't stupid, was seriously considering a series s at under $480

      • haha yeah I was hoping this then checked the expiry of the coupon.

        One can hope the NL prices go live before 9am accidentally lol

        • It will come round one day, it's happened before and it will happen again that an offer at NL coincides with a market voucher.

          • @Everettpsycho: Still the best deal I managed to get was 2x $350+ headphones for $150 which happened when 2 deals went live at the same time making them $75 each 🤣

          • @Everettpsycho: Since the XSX launched last year I've been waiting for 10% off coupon and available on TheMarket. After reading the tweets on NZRestockAlerts apparently I missed that celestial alignment last Friday.

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              @Peter Wyngarde: Yup, hilarious that they don't allow the % discount on PS5, but no prob on XSX

              • @NeM2k2: Age Restriction
                To view this content please confirm you're 18 years of age or older

                • @Peter Wyngarde: I think they added that to the PS5 just to stop people using coupons on it, as you definitely don't need to be 18 to buy one

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    I’m looking at that (up to) 30% off Nanoleaf bit. I’ve gotten obsessed with the damned things!

    • Have you checked amazon?

    • Oh I just was curious after reading your comment, those look very cool…

    • Love my nanoleafs! defo keen to get more

    • Nanoleafs also on sale at pbtech (flash sale) and mightyape (too tired to compare all the deals tonight, maybe tomorrow)

      • Also JB Hifi. And don't forget to compare with Market coupons/cashback if you go the Noel Leeming approach.

  • OLED TVs from $1,996! 2020 55" or 2021 48"?

    • I see the price of the Sony X90J 65 inch has gone up… Even though JB and Sony direct still selling for $2895…

      • I've still got a soft spot for Sony TVs.

        • NL now listing this for $2599 on sale - reckon it will go for less during Black Friday or Boxing Day sales?

          • @Letstaxthis: I've also noticed with Noel Leeming if something isn't selling then they progressively drop the price or add extras. Especially over the weekend or last days of sale period. Looks like I'll be waiting until Black Friday and/or Boxing Day sales. Good the pricing is starting to approach pre-COVID levels.

    • Looks like the 48 inch version

      • I was just looking at the specifications. I noticed the price is lower than advertised so competitor must have undercut them. As long as stock isn't selling too quickly you can often get a lower price from competitors repricing.

  • Also improved interest free terms on Purple Visa/WH Money (excludes Apple stuff) if you're in to that sort of thing:

    TONIGHT Noel Leeming’s Massive Sellout starts online at 7.30PM.
    Millions of dollars’ worth of technology and appliances priced to clear.

    As an added bonus, we’re offering all Purple Visa Card holders 30 Months Interest Free* on purchases $499 and over.

    To take advantage of this offer, simply ask the team in-store where you can get 30 months Interest Free on your Purple Visa Card account or choose the 30 Months Interest Free option at the online checkout.

  • anything good?

    • Looks pretty average on first glance. Was a quick 5 minute look through though.

      • would have been better if themarket had some coupons

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        LG 65" C1 4K OLED 2021 Television $3998

        • Slightly annoyed that I bought this exact model 2 weeks ago for $4200. But it's a great TV

          • @NeM2k2: Harvey Norman is doing even better deal on these LG TVs. Currently selling for $3998 plus you get a bonus $300 gift card!

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              @Ravs: ** fingers in ears ** la la la I can't hear you… 😆

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                @NeM2k2: Please remove those digits. Maybe you're covered by price protection? Some retailers and credit card companies refund price drops after purchase within a defined time period.

                • @Peter Wyngarde: Sadly it doesn't look like it. Can't find anything like that on my credit card benefits, and I purchased from Harvey Norman which doesn't seem to have such a policy either.

            • @Ravs: Where are they advertising that? I'm seeing the price but voucher is missing on website.

              • @Peter Wyngarde: Voucher is gone now. It was definitely there when I checked last night, as I felt the knife twist in my cheapie heart

                • @NeM2k2: Yes the voucher was there yesterday, looks like that offer has expired

        • As someone who also bought the LG C1 last week, is there a way to contact the market and ask for a partial refund, or something. As for me, its been less than 7 days since purchase.

      • I need to upgrade my tv, looking for a good tv for my ps5 and xbox that does hdmi 2.1 , 120hz refresh rate. Tossing between lg c1 and Samsung qn90a but i have always owned sony tvs in my life

        • I just upgraded from a Sony to LG C1 and I don't regret it at all. Amazing colour and extremely black blacks, and the VRR (not yet supported by PS5 but coming soon) is the icing on the cake. There aren't many TVs that can beat the C1 for gaming.

          As long as you aren't planning on running the same image on the screen for many hours a day (eg news tickers) you won't have issues with OLED burn-in, which is the only real downside of OLED vs QLED

        • OMG! That's my situation and shortlist. I'd have to double check but I think the QN90A has 1 × HDMI 2.1 whereas C1 has 4 × HDMI 2.1.

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    Galaxy s20 FE $698
    Galaxy s21+ $1368 ($1699 at jb)
    Galaxy s21 ultra $1698 ($1777 at jb)
    A52 $468 ($527 at jb)
    A32 $368 ($499 at jb)
    Some samsung and apple tablets are on sale too like the Samsung galaxy tab a7 lite for $249

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    Apple HomePod Mini is $138, in black or white. Something like 13% off RRP.

  • The new Sennheiser CX True Wireless are down to $143.99 (pick-up) using the coupon.


  • Anyone here have any experience with Jabra Elite 75t ? Specifically with connecting it to a PC and using it as a headset?

  • Thanks OP for the long time discount code: MYNL16W10!

  • Xbox Series S for $499 on themarket with BIG30 code. Add $ for shipping if you don't have free shipping, subtract $ for rewards cashback

  • Sandisk extreme 64gb microSD for $17 seems alright. It’s not part of this sale but through CSC discount.