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$7 off $15 Spend @ Menulog


Generic code - Check Menulog app under "For You"

Menulog is offering daily $7 off online orders that are "delivered by restaurant"
Note: seems to work for Pickups

*Voucher valid until 10pm tonight? $15 min. spend. 1 redemption per customer. Valid for CC payments only.
"Come back tomorrow to get another $7 off"

Having spoken to their Chat:
- The deal activates 7pm NZ time it seems.
- The 4-7pm is Australian time not sure which part of Aus
- They don't have a way to filter "delivered by restaurant" so urge you to goto the help section on website/app talk to a human and complain that we in NZ don't have that filter (seems from the way he was talking that Aussies do)

Tip: if you don't want to order a full expensive meal. Use it to get sides or breads etc
i.e Preorder a bunch of Naan/entrees for next day, then next day cook up some curry to time it around when your naan/entrees arrive. Save a bit of money and get some nice fresh naan rather than those frozen styles.

Other codes available from the App

66FQ-E3EP - $5 off @ BFG, $15min spend ends 01/10/21, Valid for CC payments only.
KYLY-WS56 - $5 off @ Roman's Kitchen, $15min spend ends 01/10/21, Valid for CC payments only.

Old Codes:


Working for:

Auckland @:

New Lynn Area:
Pizza Club($13 for large pizza)
Curry King
Indo-Nepali Eatery

Wellington @:

Mughlai MerCury (Wellington CBD)

Planet Spice (Newtown)
Currizza (Wellington CBD)
Crown Indian Takeaways & Deliveries

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  • thanks OP, working for pick up @ The Cinnamon Club

  • thanks OP, its generic code (i got the same), i wondered why the code wasn't working before 7pm! Ordered for next day.

  • Was working for Himalayan in New Lynn. Still haven’t managed to find any other restaurant in the New Lynn area that are valid.

  • Tried today in two places and all said voucher expired.

    Is this still working?

    • +1

      Not anymore, only between 7pm-10pm

      but there should be another this afternoon as it said "Come back tomorrow to get another $7 off" so I'll update the code otherwise expire this if there isnt.

  • hi is this working for anyone

    • Updated with New Code 👍

      Starts 7pm

  • +2

    Tried 4 different stores in Akl CBD but I keep getting "Voucher is not valid for this restaurant".

    • I have tried about 4 or 5 in chch around the uni and no luck here

    • Try pickup instead with close local places

      If anyone find places that does delivery/pickup please mention it and i can update op so we have a list for future references

      • I tried both delivery/pickup on stores right next to my place but no luck. I think it needs to be "delivered by restaurant" but there's no filter option.

        • yeah best way is to add random items and goto checkout and see if it accepts

          Kinda sucks by like i said above if people complain about then there a chance it gets fixed.

          • @Huntakillaz: Tried almost 10 restaurants and gave up, none working. Hangry Hound.

  • +1

    Code works for the below eatery at Avondale - New Lynn : Pizza Club($13 for large pizza), Curry King, Olive Indo-Nepali Eatery .

    • pickup or delivery?

      • I did a pickup for pizza but delivery will have $4- 8 extra

  • Is this deal on today?

    • Probably will update around 4pm

      • +1

        Awesome, I want pizza club for dinner lol

        • N7EV-LDP9

        • Pizza Club For Bazz it is 👍🤣

          they're good pizza's I miss them.
          Brother tells me there's Beach pizza (in Avondale, but code doesn't work for them) which is good as well

          • +1

            @Huntakillaz: My lord dinner was good lastnight…
            Chicken Slingshot and Tandoori Chicken…. And guess whats left over for lunch woohoo

            • @Bazz30: Haha nice!

              Should be another code this afternoon, seems like they're doing a promotional week.

  • Confirmed working for pizza club in Akl cbd, thanks for sharing this!

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    • +1

      haha speedy nachos :P

  • Any restaurants in Hamilton?

    • you'll have to go through and check each one yourself, usually Indian (& possibly Asian) restaurants work well it seems as they have their own delivery staff often

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  • Do all restaurants have the extra 10% service charge? Seems to be across all?

    • Yup most delivery apps have changed it now to copy UberEats so you can thank Uber for that.

      Though quite a few places in Welly have 10% off which negates that fee for the most part

  • Placed an order of Indian meal for pick up tomorrow.
    Dinner sorted. :)

    • Nice.

      FYI: If you use 2-3 days in a row you can do this:

      Thu: Order lots Breads/Entrees till you get to the $15.00 mark, Schedule for Friday Evening say 8.30pm
      Fri: Order Curry/Meals till you get to the $15.00 mark, Schedule for tonight 8.30pm

      Pickup both orders at the same time and enjoy your massively discounted meal ;)

      (assuming this still carries on till Sunday)

  • Looks like its the end :'(

    • Promo expired 30th Sept

      • That make sense, did you manage to ever get anything?

        • As above, gave up after checking 10 or so places. Can confirm Pizza Club will work, but they are too far away from me.