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Oculus Quest 2, Get $180 off of a Second Headset: 2 × 128GB Headsets for NZ$958 Delivered @ Oculus


Buy a Quest 2 today, get $180 off of a second headset, now through 9/27.* Free shipping. Easy Returns.

This is directly off their website.
My first post so hope its correct.

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  • Could be good if people want to go halves like the Kogan mobile deal

    • I would not mind going halves with someone but would need to be someone in my area as I don't want to take a big risk and don't want to do extra shipping, if there is anyone in the Hibiscus Coast /Silverdale (Auckland) area that wants to go halves please dm me.

      • Hey bro. I would like to go halves but I am in Invercargill. Could u pm me and maybe we can work something out?

        • +1

          I'm moving to Invercargill for work in October,will pick up and pay you there, if you are keen. That way warranty won't be an issue if there is a problem with either headset, as we'd be closeby.

          I sold my kogan large sim recently to someone (at cost i.e. $165 so have been involved) in trades/ cheapies for a while.

          • @bisky: That sounds awesome bro can u pm me?

      • I’m in Auckland city and could be tempted. PM me if you’d like?

        • You need to accept new messages for me to pm you, enable messaging

          • @l3maC: Did you end up managing to go halves with them or still looking for someone

      • +1

        I'm in Gulf Harbour and I got two. Happy to go 50/50 with you. Arrives 13th October.

        • Sweet, how do I get in contact with you?

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    I hope its actually Oculus and not 8 recipes for Octopus

    Edit: Whoever doesnt get the Silicon Valley joke and downvoting, get a grip cos chances are ive been here longer than you have

    • +1

      Imagine logging into Cheapies just to downvote a joke😄

      & imagine trading free rent for a year for 8 different recipes for Octopus.

    • +2

      cos chances are ive been here longer than you have

      Maybe it was I who downvoted you?

    • Hotdog or not hot dog?

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    September 27, 2021 (4:59 p.m. PDT) is September 28, 2021 (12:59 p.m. NZDT).

  • Would anyone like to go halves with me? Pm me and we can work something out

    • Probably good to state your location as well, if you're wanting to go halves.

      • Yes im in invercargill.

  • I'd be down to pair up with someone, I'm in Wellington

    • Yes - keen.

      • Sweet - i've enabled messages, pm me :)

        • Deal’s closed sorry, otherwise I’d be in!

  • +1

    Auckland, North Shore here, who is keen to buy with me?

    • Hi are you still looking for someone to buy with? I cant message you as i just created an account but I am interested, in epsom

  • Anyone in Christchurch want to split? PM me if so

    • Did you end up purchasing?

      • Nah didn't get any reply in time lol hopefully a other discount comes up at some stage.

        • they will launch a new model late this month, you should wait