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HP 200 MRN Wireless Mouse - Blue $0.23c + Shipping @ Aquilatech


Price error but might be worth trying your luck, shipping from $5 for Auckland/Entire South Island.

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    HP 200 MRN Wireless Mouse - Blue (2HU85AA) W1 $0.20
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    Sub Total $0.20
    Freight $8.00
    GST $1.23
    Total $9.43

    Orders totalling less than $10 will not be processed

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    Edit: nvm gone, looks like someone bought them all to resell lol

    • lol truee

      • bugger find something cheap to add to order?
        gone now anyways! oh well

        • Buy 3 more of them..
          Looks like they removed it.

  • +1

    I ordered 20 of them to make up the $10 threshold,anyway just got an email to say the order was cancelled due to price error. Ah well worth a shot.

    • +3

      Found the reseller!

      • I've identified a couple of cheapies on Facebook and Trademe based on some light snooping 😄 I keep it to myself of course!

    • thanks for trying!

  • +1

    Shruggie, even if it weren't a pricing error, it was a big "discount" but was it really worth $10 to anyone who doesn't right now need a new mouse?

    Plain jane wireless dongle mouse that runs on AAAs.