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Sony Playstation 5 Disc Edition $819 @ The Warehouse


509 disc edition in stock, digital sold out already(<10min) it seems

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse


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    The ol' twitter restock bot picked up The Warehouse listing this time.

  • Now 340 in stock, dropping quick but might last 30min total..

  • Anyone able to buy using the app, it would let me pay using any method. had to do it via the website

    • Worked all good for me when I tested Zip. $814 delivered. I didn't go through with it though.

    • Got one paid with Zip. 57 left in stock.

  • Still hasn't sold out yet.

  • How does everyone know how many are left when you can't add more than 1 to the cart?

    • 247

    • Go to your cart and add another 300. It’ll tell you how much stock is left.

  • Weird, said only 53 available (had to use desktop, not app) but it also says out of stock/unavailable.

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      to many people holding them in their carts

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        The stock in cart isn't reserved. That's why people complain when payment fails due to OOS.

    • It said out of stock in the blue text at the start but you could purchase fine.

  • I didn't try my luck but was offered 42 to be delivered for $34,401.00 including delivery

  • How many are now temporarily not available because we have all tried adding to carts to see how many are left? :D

    • Yeah it was really odd when stock dropped ~200 units in a bit over 5min, maybe the deal hit a large FB group or something..

      • Where were you looking on The Warehouse or TheMarket?

  • If they last until 1pm I"ll buy one to check whether it's the new model with smaller heatsink and thumb screw.

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    Now watch the listings on Trade Me go from 10 to 200 plus. And the prices drop from more than double RRP.

    • I don't think there's much to earn for scalpers in these any more which is a great thing, hope the same happens with Xbox series x as well.

      • Increasingly in lockdown as stock was exhausted pricing increased. Dodgy sellers in Auckland were doing especially well. People prepared to ignore Level 4. They were offering contactless pickup or dropoff and contactless shipping. Gaming consoles are specifically listed as nonessential goods. Non of this is allowed under Level 4 restrictions.

      • the prices has actually gone up than what they were before.

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    I managed to get the disc one! thanks!

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    on a side note, Amazon AU has got PS5 games that are cheaper than NZ retailers

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      thats worthy of a deal post on it's own :)

    • And physical versions for $40 less than the digital…. I'm so confused as to what PlayStation is playing at this gen.

    • Yes, I picked up Sackboy and an extra controller for quite a lot less. Didn't think to post.

    • Remember that's a 1yr warranty (or whatever) vs six or seven with cga

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    There's still 26 in stock on TheMarket. 3.5% cashback with Kiwiwallet.

    • gone?

    • can you provide the link, if there is still stock

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        When it's OOS you can't find in search results. If you know the URL you can add to Wishlist for monitoring or buying when back in stock.

  • OOS on TheMarket now. May oscillate in and out of stock as they cancel orders.

  • That was quicker than normal. Today at 16:50 collected from sender in Palmerston North.

    • where are you based? I'm in Auckland and it's still 'processing'

      • I'm in Wellington. Ordered at 1pm.

  • I need to stay off Trade Me. These cats successfully selling PS5s for $1500 is pissing me off 😄

    • I have an unhealthy preoccupation with Trade Me. That would have been a low price before yesterday.

    • Check out the Q&A on this listing (https://www.trademe.co.nz/3252675476). Sometimes it's simultaneously appalling and entertaining. I doubt this sale is genuine. Most likely the seller got a mate to buy to falsely prove his point. But you never really know lots of illogical behavior happens.

    • This listing (https://www.trademe.co.nz/3253727936) looks like a genuine sale. But again you never really know as some sales don't complete.

      • It just grinds my gears, how can u be so noob and desperate to overpay that much when these units are not that hard to cop these days

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    well scored me one one unit - and delivered in under 24hrs…thats the ozb way - buy now and think later - since I'm in lockdown in AKL —- now more the 200+ days of lockdown for me (MEL + AKL combined)…[email protected]@@rrrk.

  • Anyone else in Auckland waiting for the PS5 ? Mine is still showing pending , maybe they over sold them.


    • Mine arrived yesterday. Purchased around 12.30pm last Thursday

  • For those of you who miss out, I was able to see stock earlier for noel leeming (i work somewhere in a company under the umbrella) , they have 700 something of the disc consoles available but not online.

    My guess is drop soon. (if aucklands level doesnt factor in)

    • Did ypu see any digital in stock ?