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$10 for $20 Credit @ Onceit


Get in quick. Usually gone in an hour or two. Usually takes 2-3 days for the credit code to arrive in your inbox.

Good to use in combination with 'free shipping' codes when Onceit publishes them.

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  • Thankyou wakrak on behalf of all those that rush to a deal without saying thanks

  • Thanks! I always buy these when they come up - Once It is good for buying gifts.

  • Thank you for this, anyone know whether these are stackable?

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      One purchase per account. Someone else (I think sunshinenz) said that you can buy them on different accounts and then add them to the same acc. It's store credit, so you can add the $20 + use any coupon code you come across.

      • Not me! I don't even have an account with them.

        • Whoops! I’ll figure out who it was…

          It was Chanelle

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            @Wakrak: Yep was me. At one point I was buying credit with credit but then they changed it so you couldn't. I've currently got $30 credit that cost me $11..years ago you used to get $20 for referring a friend with no minimum spend..used to refer myself with a different email address and buy a cheap item with free shipping then get the credit 🤭

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    Thank you, appreciate your post

  • I remember seeing someone say that but you run the risk of losing yourcredit if they pick up on it.Best to stack on one account Everytime you see $1-$10 and $10-$20 credit is 6 months I believe

  • Is Onceit just another version of Aliexpress/Banggood?

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      Depends on the product.

      Electrical & technology: looks like Aliexpress.

      Fashion: great deals on reebok, adidas, new balance etc if you're patient. Some of the better prices in NZ if you can find something you like and time it right.

      Homewares: good deals on pots (plants) and sometimes kitchenware. Got a nice 100% cotton duvet cover from Onceit for $60.

      Some of the items they list are just so ridiculous you have to buy it. Got a $30 rug once that was worth $150 from the actual store, and sold it on Facebook for $100. Then there's deals likes this. $20 store credit for $10; $10 store credit for $1. Free shipping on certain nights. $30 item delivered for $11.

      • Thanks for this Wakrak :) I was just browsing the electrical section!

  • U could have a look…no

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      Already had a look - hence why I said it looks very like Aliexpress except owned by kiwis instead with a markup

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        "Locally owned" is another way of saying ridiculous markup.

  • All gone as of 2158 hrs.

    • Very interesting - someone else I know was there at almost the same time, and got a voucher for certain AFTER it was showing as 'all allocated' for me.

      For the avoidance of doubt, they had not clicked to put it in their cart before me, and checked out after - they first clicked on the voucher after I posted the above.

      Must be personal :-)