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HP S700 500GB Solid State Drive 2.5" SATA III SSD up to 560MB/s Read. 515MB/s Write 3Yr Warranty $78.99 @Pbtech (Free Shipping)


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HP S700 500GB Solid State Drive 2.5" SATA III SSD up to 560MB/s read. 515MB/s Write 3 Years Warranty
Cheapest 2.5' SSD atm

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    If I was spending this amount on this capacity, I'd go with NVMe:
    It's 4x the read speed and 3x the write speed.
    (Different form factor of course; your device might not have an M2 slot.)

    • Exactly some old pc's don't have nvme so this is good for those

    • Would cost me an extra $800+ :(
      Mobo, cpu, ram

      For general use do you notice a real difference in day to day use?

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        For games (esp. when loading), copying files, and working with big files like video. Apart from that it's hard for me to tell on my PC.

        • Thanks. Haven't upgraded in a long time so genuinely interested in real world improvements. Some improvements can be a bit of a gimmik and only apply to really specific use cases.
          I know you might as well go nvme if you can and have spare slots

      • Depending on the age of your PC you can get adapters for the faster NVMe drive. The gotcha is not all of them will boot from it. It is possible to modify the BIOS on some old PC's to allow them to boot from an NVMe drive.

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          For the avg non techy person this might be more difficult to do.

          Wouldn't recommend bios modding if you don't know what you're doing.

      • If your current PC does not have an SSD (either older or newer NVMe) then I'd suggest going for it.
        Make it your boot drive and you'll probably be hard pressed to get a better bang for buck speed improvement when loading windows/software etc.

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    If anyone is looking for an external SSD I saw this 480GB one at Smiths for $97 on clearance


    • That's tempting to pick up for use on an Xbox series s/X when I finally get one. Doubling the storage of the S for $97 would be handy and mean it's stays much cheaper than an X.

      • I've got series x and thought I could use external SSD rather than pricey XBox expansion drive. But sadly Microsoft does not allow newer generation games to be played from an external hard drive. They say it's to maintain the Series X as a high speed machine. So if you move the next gen game to an external drive it does not let me play it and I have to move it back before I can play. Backwards compatible older games are ok though so SSD would work for that.

        • The main use was more for a series s where 512Gb just won't last long. I'm aware the limitation that they want you using the on board nvme drives for this generation games but having this you can transfer games back and forth in a couple of minutes. Just means less messing about redownloading something like flight simulator if I feel like playing it one night, I don't mind waiting on a smaller game to download as they don't take long, it's the monster ones that eat all your drive space and will take ages to transfer off a mechanical drive that are the issue. Still good enough for Xbox one games too.

          • @Everettpsycho: Yep, you made me think again about SSD. MS Flight Sim is a beast of a package and copying vs downloading is better. Mmmm.. I will keep an eye on good deals for SSD with Labour Day and Black Friday coming up. Thanks.

  • Could get Crucial MX500 at an alright price on Amazon AU.

    Got the 1tb for $130 @ Amazon.com a few months back.

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        There is also this age old ploy by HDD manufactures to call 1000 Bytes as 1 Kilo Bytes instead of 1024 Bytes.

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    I found an old receipt, crucial 250 GB SSD in 2012 from Noel Leeming $567. Put it in my iMac it was revolutionary at that time compared to the 500 GB Seagate mechanical drive running at 5900 rpm.

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      Reading this while I watch shows on my $4000 TV that is worth $800ish now

    • That was expensive, I remember I bought my Samsung 830 256GB SSD back in late 2012 for around $350 at PB Tech

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