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2Degrees Ultimate Unlimited Fibre Bundle 950/500 Mbps for $80/month (+ $150 Bill Credit, & 12 Months of Amazon Prime)


Was looking for some nice Fibre deals and found this:

12months Contract
$150 Joining Credits
Free Amazon Prime Video for a year
Unlimited Fiber - 950/500 Mbps
$80 PM (Works our at $67.50 per month with credits)

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    You need to be a pay monthly customer for these rates.

    • True.

      Without any plans it comes to $90/ month without credit.

      With $150 credit it comes to $77.5/month.

      • and I think I think stuff fibre and orcon @ 6 months half price with referral works out cheaper than this with no mobile @~$71-72? a month over 12month :)

        • Yes. Just started 6 months half price on Stuff fibre this month.

          • @ace310: Have ya used Stuffs customer service phone line? Just wondering how they are in that regards?

            • @AyyTso: Everything has worked smoothly so far. Didn't need their customer service yet. So no idea on that regards.

            • @AyyTso: I've been with Stuff for about eleven months and had one occasion to call them - their helpdesk was … helpful, and she knew what she was talking about (by no means a given).

              No complaints.

              • @Alan6984: Thanks for thats, I've realised they don't have a traditional landline so its a no-no from the old man haha

        • I have been with Stuff fibre for last one year. Few important issues with them is - 1. You don't get any invoice from Stuff Fibre 2. Doesn't provide usage summary etc. that 2degrees or Spark provides.
          I did signeded up for 900MB plan but could never get more than 100MB/PS

          • @dkiwi: I had the issue with only getting 100mb/s the issue was we were on the second port of the odt box - which was set as the secondary no primary or something along them lines - got gb sorted by calling them - another issue is: are you doing speed test via wifi or ethernet?
            Also just checked and you're right they dont send invoices, nor have them available on their site… they do send reminders about payments that are coming up but not quite the same

            • @Rowjo: Also some cheap hardware manufacturers still use 10/100 ethernet in devices or 2x2 WiFi to save a few bucks. Crazy to see $1000-1500 laptops with outdated ethernet at Dell etc.

            • @Rowjo: Other than the port on odt box(I didn't know it would affect that way) I am getting close to 800mb sometimes, but it fluctuates a lot between 300 ~ 900. This is on ethernet. On wifi I get between 200 ~ 400 based on time of day. I don't use their wifi as already have a mesh network setup, so only use the modem and connect router via lan cable.

          • @dkiwi: Make sure you are using an ethernet connection to a GB NIC - if your NIC is 100MB then that's the max you will get.

            WiFi is also slower than ethernet.


            • @Alan6984: Stuff got bought by vocus so will be almost the same connection as orcon and all the other vocus service providers. We had a minor issue with them when we moved house because they did it a couple of weeks early, it was sorted in a few hours and we were away so I just dealt with them over email.

              • @Everettpsycho: Okay - Not sure why you are telling me that, or what it has to do with suggesting the use of ethernet for a speedtest, but… thanks.


    • The price includes $10 credit each month if you have your mobile on a plan with 2Degress. You better off to get the skinny broadband plan 3 months free. You will be $48 better off over the 12 months. Minus the Amazon prime.

      • I've been looking for a cheap VDSL plan and had never seen skinny broadband before, looks like the best deal I've seen yet on VDSL.

        • Wow still on VDSL?, FYI skinny don't do landlines

          • @Kury: Got family living rural so they're still stuck vdsl, and one of their requirements is a landline,, damnn guess the search continues

            • @Rowjo: Did you try Flip?

              • @ace310: Just looked now, - "property is not fibre ready try our buddies at slingshot" but thanks for recommendation regardless :)

                • @Rowjo: I used to have vdsl with phone back in day. Looks like they got fibre only now.

                  Edit : How about 4g broadband? Is network good. Skinny has good plan for 4g.

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              @Rowjo: Try this website, https://www.broadbandcompare.co.nz, I have tried a VDSL address, seem to be Now broadband and myrepublic cheapest, with 6 months half price at $42.50 then the other 6 months $85. Landline is only an extra $5 a months. Modem rental is excluded, if they have old modem they can use it.

              • @Kury: I am with Now and their customer service is great

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              @Rowjo: Hah! Rural VDSL? Luxury!!

              I'm lucky to get a stable 4Mbps pushed up the hill from the cabinet with favorable tailwinds!

            • @Rowjo: Is Elon Musk's Starlink available?

  • how to get 200 credit as mentioned ?

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        Can I please get a PM too 🙏

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    Be sure to read the fine print on this one.

    After 12 months you will be charged $15 per month to rent the modem. You have to pay return shipping.

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      wow. such a dick move. thanks for noting

    • This is incorrect.

      T&C States "Offer available for a limited time only. After 12 months standard charges apply. $15 rental modem shipping & non-standard installation fees applies"

      This doesn't mean they will charge $15 pm modem rental after 12 months, it means they charge $15 for the shipping of the modem to you in the first place.

      So no, there is no $15 pm charge to rent the modem after 12 months. But you do have to return it if you change to another provider.

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    Better to go Contact at $59.99 a month is it not?

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      Probably not because you'll be paying more for power

      • i pay way less for power with contact than before, cant see 59.99 for fibre tho, shows me a special of 64.99 down from 69.99

    • I have found bundle deals bit expensive overall but it depends on the address.

      But no, contact is not cheapest.

    • That's for 100/20, this offer is for 950/500

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    I'm also in the hunt for a new ISP as my current contract runs out next month. From what's currently available I think Skinny Fibre is the best deal at the moment with the 3 months free. 100/20 for $78 per month with 3 months free = $702 for the 12 month term.

    2degrees is $75 x 12 - $150 credit = $750 over the 12 month term if not on their pay monthly mobile.

    So as Kury above mentioned Skinny will be $48 cheaper over the 12 month term on Skinny Fibre.

    I'm wanting to use my own Router but Skinny doesn't seem to support BYO router so don't have info on router settings for their network. Some members on geekzone suggest you can still use own router though. Can anyone currently on Skinny Fibre confirm this if using own router?


    • I generally use the ISPs router / modem, then just connect my own to it via an ethernet cable.

      That means if you have any issues they will still support (sometimes they won't if its not their modem / router) and if they wipe it to see if it helps, I don't care - all my settings are in my kit. The only thing I might need to do is re-add port forwards.

      All my security is in my router too, so less chance I can get caught if their modem / router is crap.


    • I'm using the supplied skinny modem, for $10 postage not bad at all, had the asus stuff fibre modem previously. Don't seen a huge difference.
      Technically it is possible but a pain. Which modem do you have I can try it and get back to you.

      I have a few different modems, Vodafone, Spark and Stuff Fibre I can try.

      The settings as below.

      UFB (Starter, Expert, Pro, Elite)*
      PPP Protocol: PPPoE
      VLAN tagging: Disabled
      PPP Username / password: anything, just not blank
      Service name: [leave blank]
      DNS servers: Obtain automatically

      • I'm using the Ubiquiti Edgerouter PoE

        • This is one of my favourite routers - its a pocket rocket!

  • Dumb question… After 12 months does it become open plan or do you sign for another 12months, if you decide to stay with same provider

    • In general, you go onto an open plan - they usually don't say anything.

      You can always re-sign for another 12 months if they offer an incentive to do that.


      • Thanks man

  • If you join through broadband compares then you will get 200 dolalrs credit instead of 150.

    • I believe OP is sending Referral links in pm? as It can't be shared here?

      • should not need referral, it is available on broadband compares for everyone, i joined last month, it was super easy

        • Well, Mod picked it up.

        • Yup as it can't be shared here! But it's not my own referral :)

    • Wish there was a way to use this as an existing 2D customer….would rather avoid moving ISP each 12 months

    • Interestingly the Broadbandcompare monthly price is $80 not $90

      No mention at all of the need to have a 2degrees phone to get the extra $10 discount.

  • Can existing customers resign and get the deal or the deal minus the credit?

    • I dont believe so but what you could do is call them up ask, if they say "just for new customers advise them that you will probabily leave and they may transfer you to someone in there retention team who are autherised to issue discounts.

      Use to work for a telco :)

    • Maybe try to sign up using partner details or anyone living with you.

      Customer retention is hit or miss. You might get a deal or they just don't care. I never got any luck in the bargain. Maybe, I am not conveying it correctly.

    • I have always managed to get a deal with 2Degrees - this is my third year in a row.
      Maybe it just depends on who you speak to but what I do is the following:

      -Check broadbandcompare.co.nz to see what the current deals are at least 30 days before the term expires (to allow for notice period in case you need to shift ISP's)
      -Call 2Degrees and ask them to match whatever is the best deal running.
      -They will transfer you through to their customer retention team.
      -Explain the deal on offer.
      -Be polite! Not sure if this makes a difference but I've always found trying to get a rapport with them helps.
      -My wife does have a 2degrees pay-monthly mobile so I do get the $10 discount anyway.

      This time I got a $150 credit (when I asked them to better a Stuff Fibre offer), the 950/500 plan for $80 month as well as Amazon Prime - which they had already given me previously.
      Works out to be $810 for the year (or $67.50 per month) which I'm pretty happy with.

    • So I sent 2D a message, just saying that I was checking out some of the available specials and wanting to know if existing customers are able to access anything to retain them. I got a call back a couple of days later; offer was locked in for 12 months, $100 credit, and Amazon Prime, for $65 per month (only basic fibre/vdsl; but can upgrade if/when I need to). Was pretty happy with that, given I have previously had both the credit and the prime sub, so all done, no hassle. Nice!

      Weirdly enough when I last asked (before now) I was told, "sorry yeh, can't do anything because you have already had the credits", so it is totally hit and miss.

      • Thanks. Can you share the wording of the text you used, I'll do the same thanks. Also what is the contact address you used. Thanks.

        • +1

          No idea sorry; the specifics of it is lost in the void of their customer ticketing process :( But it was essentially something along the lines of "I am off contract and looking at options for my internet provider and noticed that there are a number of options for new customers but nothing for existing customers. Do I need to cancel my subscription with 2degrees before being able to leverage any of these benefits? Very interested to hear whether 2Degrees can do anything in this space of customer retention".
          ymmv (as mine to date certainly has).
          I just used the contact form (ie once logged in; top right - "Contact"), so no specific email address.
          Good luck

          • @AleBeerenhoff: Done, I'll let you know.

          • @AleBeerenhoff: Sent email, signed up for an additional 12mo, they gave me the monthly discounted rate and the free Amazon prime, but no cash bonus.

            Edit: I was already keen to stay with them BC I have a fixed Ip address with no cgnat (I run a server) and that usually cost $10/mo, but they are not charging me for that (and I have the pay monthly mobile plan discount). Also I have a discounted pay monthly rate on the cellphone via work ($51/mo for 12gb mobile).

            • @kiwijunglist: Nice!! Great outcome! I was in the same boat, not keen to move, just keen to save some dollars. Great it worked out for you too!!

  • Nothing beats the Slingshot free for 6 months ( no contract afterwards) deal if your a essential worker (or someone in your house is ) Take a look at that if you think you might qualify, my wife did so I swapped our account till her and happy days.

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