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5 Hour Free Power Shout for Genesis Customers


Doesn't have to be used all at once. I use one hour at a time and schedule the dishwasher, washing machine etc to all run during that time.

Once claimed on your account, the hours stay on your account for a long time - you don't have to use them all before the expiry of this deal.

Here's a 5-hour Power Shout for you

We want to help our customers get through lockdown, so we’re giving you five extra Power Shout hours. You could use your free power to bake, to video call whānau, get on top of some DIY or simply keep warm at home. Do what you want with your free power, when you want – the choice is yours.

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    Thanks for the post (good for current customers), although I think for new customers thinking of changing to this would possibly not be as good as Contact give you three free hours of power every night from 9pm - 12am.

    • I have moved to Contact for 3 hours electricity and working good for me

      • When you changed, you didn't have to upgrade your current smart meter to another smart meter and the switch over between providers went smoothly? How long did the switch take?

        • naah. nothing at all. Total turn around was 3 days

          • @dkiwi: I signed up for Contact on the 15th of Aug and they still haven't switched me yet…

            • @Bargainner: I signed up on 12th Aug and one day later i got email, appearing thats considered switch already as on that day i start consuming contact power

            • @Bargainner: I signed up around 10th, but my activation date was 18th. But I couldn't see anything until 24th. Until 23rd I could even see activity on my old provider. But from 24th i can see the activity from 18th on contact app.

              I hope that makes sense.

              • @ace310: Thanks, maybe there’s a lag on the app. I can see now that my old provider terminated my account.

    • Yeah there's definitely some better free power deals to be had with other companies, in terms of the number of free hours. Being able to pick when your free hours are can have it's advantages though.

      I've been with Genesis a while because I'm too lazy to shop around to see which companies give the best energy rates. I just lock in for a 1 yr contract for account credit every year.

  • That Contact Goodnights plan isn't available at my address because I don't have a compatible smart meter. Strange because my house was only built in 2018. Is it out of date already?

    • My old (2011 I think) house wasn't able to be fully upgraded at the meter as it was very close to the gas valve. Amazing design in hindsight. Put electrical cables something like 1 m from gas.

    • The goodnights plan at Contact is good as I can spend most of my energy during those 3 hours (~50%power usage), but pricing is not transparent. Recently join this plan and charge me 3% higher than my neighbor next door (just 26 and 26A)

      The whole registration process is a bit nightmare and longer comparing with other companies I used before

    • Usually they pay for a meter upgrade - sometimes smart meters need a manual physical software config upgrade by a service-person.

    • Contact website said the same about my meter, so I rang up to ask about it and they said my meter was OK. Then I checked again on the website and it now it says it's OK. So it's probably OK, there's just something weird going on at Contact.

    • Hey Christo, do you have a smart meter?
      If you have, all you need to do is to apply for the basis power plan from contact and once they switch you over upgrade to the Good night deal :)
      It worked for me so I'll assume it will work for anyone with smart meter.

      • Yeah I have a smart meter. My house was only built 3 years ago, so I would assume every house these days have a smart meter as default. I'm currently on Genesis have have saved 20 hours of this power shout. From my understanding you need a smart meter to get the genesis power shout.

  • Anyone have thoughts on Powershop’s pricing? I’ve been thinking of changing, seeing this deal reminded me.

    • I have been switching to Powershop for a month, it charged me like $50 more compare to my previous power company Flick under a lower user plan. It seems like I do not have a smart meter so I got a fixed rate all day, my friend uses Powershop as well, but she got a lower rate at night. And also you can buy discounted packs to pay your bill to lower your monthly payment.

    • +2

      Powershop is horrible as you keep buying and invest for the power which you gonna use at least after six months and I found them expensive.

      • +1

        Powershop used to be awesome in the beginning. Now they're just as opaque as the big power companies, in fact I would argue even more so. It's hard to tell what you're buying and what that equates to in terms of actual power usage. Left them for EK and haven't looked back.

        • I literally just left EK for Powershop. EK's "Hour of Power" is more like were gonna charge you more but hide it behind "hour of power"

          • @saxasianguy: I left Powershop for Contact! Got $200 credits plus 3 hours of power every night!

            • @bhushan: Contact works out more expensive per kwh for me. I'm a Mech engineer by qualification and Powershop works out cheaper with 150 credit and without the hour of power.

              Companies I would never deal with are Genesis, Mercury, Trustpower and Contact (Related to my high court case that was on the front page of the Herald late last year which I won)

  • Not sure why no one talks about Day/Night (+weekend) plans?

    • What are the details on that?

  • I wish power companies wouldn't offer these. Instead provide everyday low prices, and cheaper rates in off peak times. I'm with EK and I get a few hours every day which is better IMO than this. Contacts 3 hours through looks better, and their rates and daily rates are also better, but haven't gotten around to switching. . But it just seems to be one upping EK,

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