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Apple AirPods 2 $199 / AirPods Pro $329 + $5 Shipping @ JB Hi-Fi


EDIT - Thanks Hamster for the JB Hi-Fi price update. I've updated the title but unable to update the link to JB Hi-Fi sorry!

AirPods 2 with wired charging case
Cheapest ever for NZ stock from an Apple Authorised Reseller?
Probably should be mindful the rumoured AirPods 3 may be announced/released next month so this could be a possible price cut?

JB Hi-Fi AirPods $199
JB Hi-Fi AirPods Pro $329
+ $5 delivery

Noel Leeming has the AirPods for $199.99 and use code MYNL16W10 to get it for $189.99 + $6 shipping.
Or AirPods Pro for $319 + $6 shipping with price match and above code

$198.99 from PB Tech and use code SHIPPY21 for free shipping

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  • hot dam. Bought my airpods for $400 and thought that was cheap. Hellova deal

    • Presume you are referring to AirPod pro’s? These are the standard airpods. Retailed for $269 previously I believe :)

  • This is a very good deal guys, i paid $239 last year and that was under mates rates jbhifi

  • +1

    Keep in mind these have pretty average sound quality and will only last 2-3 years before the battery degrades and makes them unusable.

    • Lithium battery expert and Mechanical Engineer here. All these wireless earphones are designed to last a couple years until battery degrades including Samsung. People buy these not for the sound quality but for the convenience (unlike those bulky Sony WH, WF headphones) and software pairing convenience

  • Whoop, just upgraded from my standard AirPods to the Pro, and sold my regular ones to a friend. Sure, there's a new version coming out, but it will cost normal Apple prices…

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    JB Hifi are cheaper, they have the Airpod Pros for $329, and the Airpod 2 for $199

    • And they don't have a surcharge for credit cards…

  • PB have updated prices
    $198.98 for Airpods, and $317 for the Pros

    • I still see $328.98. do you have any codes?

      • +1

        Sorry I had that wrong, the $319 was for the wireless not the Pros

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