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Miele C3 Turbo Vacuum Cleaner $569 @ Harvey Norman


I got a version of this vaccum in June and it's damn sucky! defintely have to use it on mid power level when using on carpets even with the turbo head.
Switched to this becuase I got tired of hoovers and other brands breaking or changing thier design so spare parts weren't available anymore after 2-3yrs.(Planned obselences)

Suction reminds me of this ad:

16 Bags & 4 Filter Combo (get 10% off after purchase of vacuum once you sign up to MieleForLife making $89.91 delivered)

What's in the box:

1x Standard floor head
1x Turbo brush
1x Upholstery nozzle
1x Crevice
1x Dusting brush

Key Features

Power: It has a maximum power of 2000W to give you an all-around high suction performance.

TurboBrush: Thanks to the TurboBrush tool, the vacuum can effectively remove hair, lint, mites, and fur from your carpet with ease.

AirClean Filter: This vacuum cleaner equips an innovative AirClean filter that simultaneously works with the bag and filter system to help deliver a comprehensive cleaning performance. It is situated as a square piece of material that covers the exhaust fan of the device.

AirClean System: The Miele AirClean system helps filter more than 99.9% of fine dust particles and works superbly with tear-resistant HyClean dustbags with automatic bag closure. It boasts a motor protection filter to maintain the optimum quality of your vacuum cleaner.

Handy Locking System: Thanks to Handy Locking System, you can rest assured that its floorhead, suction tube, and handle are securely locked into each other as you clean. When changing an accessory, you can quickly disengage them with just the touch of a button.

Single-Touch Button: Equipped with a footswitch that allows you to rewind its cable without stooping or bending over.

Park System and Auto Shut On/Off: It has a floorhead hook onto the vacuum’s rear that makes it easier to position and store when taking breaks. It also automatically shuts off when not in use.

Foot Control: For easy access to controls, this vacuum cleaner is created with a foot control that you can easily access to control your vacuum easily without stooping or bending over.

Versatile Attachments: Armoured with versatile attachments such as the TurboBrush, Upholstery nozzle, Crevice Tool, and Dusting brush to make cleaning more manageable.

Comfort Telescopic Tube: This C3 Turbo vacuum cleaner integrates an ergonomically adjustable telescopic tube that can be locked in place in selected positions.

No More Scratches: Equipped with an all-around bumper strip to protect the unit and furniture against accidental collisions.

Seamless Operations: Easily clean even hard-to-reach places! This handheld vacuum offers incredible mobility, making your cleaning tasks more convenient.

Versatile and Practical: The vacuum efficiently takes crumbs, dust, hair, sand, and debris off various surfaces at home.

Ergonomic Form Factor: This compact vacuum cleaner is easy to carry around wherever you need it. Its lightweight form enables you to clean longer without tiring your arms. It has an operating radius of 11 metres and a cable length of 7.5 metres which will surely give you the freedom to move across your room as you clean.

Sleek and Stylish: It strikes the perfect balance of contemporary style and intuitive performance.

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    Best value vacuum cleaner on the market

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      Yep, Miele canister vacuums are the best by a longshot.




    Anyone know how this compares to the C3 Family All-Rounder?


    Advertised as 1700W but I've checked in store and it is 2000W at highest suction mode. Has gone as low as $449.00 when on sale.


    Vacuum Wars has the best Youtube videos on which vacuum is the best


    Kirby supremacy.


    I have 2 X shark navigators and they work so so well


      But you only need one Miele


    We have a Miele that have had for many years now, and the suction is still amazing and best we have ever had, clings to the carpet. So many other vacuums even if they start out with decent suction just seem to loose their power over time.


    I just bought this vac on Saturday. It seems really great.


    Best vacuum but heavy and unwieldy, sucks for stairs.


      I found it a lot better for stairs than most vaccums.
      Much lighter than most and the fact it can sit vertical but then if you're comparing vs stick vac's or cheapo's then yea it would be heavier


    What's the noise level like for this vacuum? Looking for a more quieter one. Had the Electrolux UltraSilencer and it's soooo quiet with good suction. Trying to find one similar.


      best to go check it out in person at like godfreys


    I'm sure it's great but would not be keen to go back to a vacuum where you need to replace the bag