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Breville BES870 Coffee Machine + 1KG Coffee Bean bonus $699 + Shipping / CC @ JB Hi-Fi ($619.10 Price Promise @ Briscoes)


Breville Bes870 Coffee Machine $629.10 Price Promise at Briscoes.

Currently $699.00 at JBhifi:

Price promise and new account sign-up at Briscoes $619.10 (10% price beat) plus 1kg of Flight beans via redemption:
Free beans via redemption:

This is about the cheapest you will get for one of these machines.
Refurb units on TM sell for $540 (with dings and scratches included).

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    sign up with your "new" account and get further $10 off.

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      Good thinking.
      Good price.

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      Even Better!
      $619.10 and Free Coffee

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      Good thinking.
      Flight beans $50 rrp.
      Good deal.

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    I would actually buy this if I didn't already have one.

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    Great machine but I think these do regularly go under $600

  • Hmm jbhifi says awaiting stock now. So might not be able to price match at Briscoes.

  • What are peoples thoughts on the included grinder?

    Edit: And is it better to go for something like the Bambino Plus + non-pressured basket + Breville smart grinder pro?

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      I have this machine and it is great, I had the previous version as well and it worked for years.

      This is the best machine at this price point, as the steam wand is powerful enough to make good coffees, so not too sure if the Bambino Plus' steam wand is the same or less powerful.

      Plus it is convenient to have an all in one package.

      Edit: The grinder is good for the job, only downside is after a few years there is a piece that wears out (unless it has the metal version piece).

      • Cheers.

        You might be talking about the internal gearing? I have heard of them wearing out on other grinders since they are commonly made of plastic (plastic is cheaper and quieter).
        The Burr set itself is metal.

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          Its the impeller, old models had a plastic one that wears out and renders the grinder useless (I had two stand alone breville grinders this happened with) Breville will not replace the plastic impeller part because they are anti-consumer. You can get 3d printed third party replacements from shapeways for about $50 shipped, but the durability of these is unknown to me.

          New models have a metal covering on the impeller blades, you can pop out the metal burr (grinder) part in the shop to see the impeller underneath (looks like a little propeller) if it has meatal blades on it then its the new kind, if its all plastic you have around 2 years of average use before its dead.

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            @Jaqqour: Yeah the BES870 has the metal cover, unlike the BES860 which has the plastic impeller as you mention. For anyone reading this thread and needing a replacement impeller for the BES860, the BCG800 or the BCG800XL, I am happy to 3D print you one free of charge (just pay a few dollars for shipping). It's only 20-30c of plastic (PLA or PETG) after all, and a bit of my time :). Parts are on Thingiverse here. PM me if interested.

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              @TheDealMan: The man! Cheapies generosity.

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              @TheDealMan: What a legend, my current grinder has the metal but wish I had known someone with a 3D printer back when the other 2 wore out. Would have been great to test the durability of a 3D printed part for a fraction of the cost of shape ways!

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      The included grinder is ok, and the control you have over the grind works perfectly well for the pressurised baskets. However I think your suggestion of the Bambino Plus + non-pressurised basket + Breville Smart Grinder Pro is the way to go. You're decoupling the grinder from the machine so should anything go wrong with one, at least the other isn't rendered useless.

      The Smart Grinder Pro is very capable and offers a lot more control over the fineness of the grind (over the BES870 built-in grinder). Also, should you ever want to upgrade the espresso machine, to a low-mid range machine with a 58mm group, the grinder will do nicely. I've even seen people with Rocket E61 machines using the SGP alongside (though I think that that price point I'd probably upgrade grinders too, to make really precise micro adjustments).

    • I have the smart grinder Pro and just got a bambino plus refurb for 350 from appliance outlet. Only sign of use was a scratch in the filter basket.

      Loving the combo so far. Still waiting on a non pressurised basket but out of the box getting good cafe quality coffees for milky drinks.

      Before this I had the em7000 sunbeam so going from twin thermoblock, speed of steam vs extraction was important. Bambino has 3 second heat up and swaps to extraction quick within a few seconds. It has the newer thermoblock of the pro.

      There is less control with the bambino if you want to really get down to changing water temp etc. Also no hot water if you ever use that feature. A non stick mat helps as spins easy when inserting portafilter. Running an initial group head purge to heat up helps stop this.

      On a positive note its easy enough My 10 year old has been making my morning flat whites using auto steamer. It gives a good flavour, creamy milk (as long as don't overfill jug and stick to single cups) but not latte art level like manually frothing does.

      Looks cute on bench next to grinder as similar widths. I use a portable tea set bamboo box for accessories I got cheap at an op shop.

  • Anyone successfully price beat with Briscoes yet?

    • Just bought one at Briscoes for $629.99 price matched.

  • Just a note, mine (older model) was fried by a power surge, so be sure to switch off the power at the wall socket when not in use, since these machines don't have the good old mechanical power switch.

  • This is pricing is back on JB HiFi and I got mine today from Briscoes with a price promise discount.
    Regarding the machine, results are much better than my stove top setup.

    Black colour one has stocks ready to ship: https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/home-appliances/breville/breville-t...

    • Awesome! Enjoy it. I absolutely love my machine.

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