This was posted 1 year 1 month 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sonos One SL Wireless Speaker $209 (was $319) + Shipping @ Noel Leeming


$209 + shipping (if coupon used). I have been keeping an eye on prices of these for surrounds for my Sonos system. Sonos products are premium quality and not usually heavily discounted.

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    FYI for others, the SL version doesn’t have the microphone and Alexa/Google assistant aspect.

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      Definitely a benefit in my opinion!

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    It's a very good price indeed. But I think I'll first get the sub.

  • Nice one OP!

  • Thanks, bought one.

  • also in market… for those with codes there.

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    I've been watching the price for this as well - haven't seen this low in a long time. Ordered 2. Waiting for sub to go on sale too. So happy to be a cheapie, wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

  • So from what I've read you cant use these as stereo speakers to play your PC or TV through, only as surround speakers for the TV when used with something like a Sonos Beam?

    Trying to decide on buying two now, with no real use as my house if full of Amazon Echo speakers, driving me to get a beam as a future purchase.

    • Just an FYI - Sonos support chat are really helpful for technical questions. Just type "real person" in the chat and answer a couple of questions to get through to a chat agent.

    • Correct, these are no good for playing your PC or TV through. You'd want the Sonos Beam or Sonos Arc first, then add two of these to use as the surround sound speakers.

      • Roger, thanks. I'm wondering if I can justify 400 notes now, to save a couple hundy, for them to sit in a cupboard until I spend a further 600.

        The more I type this, the more I think ill pass.

        • My case is same too but I went ahead with the purchase. Because

          1. I plan to build a Sonos ecosystem in the next couple of years. Any future Sonos purchase will play with these very well. I plan only buy when the products are on sale. Buying the whole Sonos ecosystem in one go would be too expensive anyway, will have it build it over a period of time.

          2. Until the whole ecosystem is built I can use these for playing music etc. Can hook it up and play around with home assistant etc.

          3. Sonos products remain relevant for a long time and don't deprecate easily.

        • If history repeats itself then these are the prices you can expect to pay (

    • PC/TV => HDMI => Apple TV/4K => AirPlay => Sonos One/SL

  • There were reports in May the Sonos One SL was updated ( Maybe the price was lowered to clear the original version? From 9am to 12am the stock has gone from 66 to 43 for white and from 76 to 19 for black.

    • @Peter Wyngarde curious as to how you saw those stock numbers, I'm unable to see it on Noel Leeming website

      • Added to Cart on The Market app then scroll to bottom of unit drop down box. Quantity now 11 for black and unchanged for white.

  • Bought 2 to replace the Gen 1's I have (wanted Airplay for all my audiobooks) - my Gen 1's will go to TM.

    As a Sonos user around the house, I have a couple of Gen 1 Play's as my rears for the ARC and I have the sub.

    I would go sub before rears for those considering. The sub really adds to the bottom end whereas the rears while noticeable - don't have the same impact as the sub.

  • Looks like Nole L and The Market have removed for online purchases

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    This is available in store for the $219 price until the 20th of July. However, there is no stock in the stores so your order will have to be delivered from the supplier.

    • It's difficult to understand what happened with stock. When the online stock was getting low I checked the instore stock with the Noel Leeming app and there was plenty. On the first day I ordered one in the morning and one in the afternoon. On the second day I received an email advising delayed shipping for the first order and an email advising confirmed shipping for the second order. On the third day I received the delivery for the second order from Queenstown which was presumably a store not distribution centre. No further update on the first order so I'm guessing I'm in the same situation as buying instore and waiting for the supplier to fulfill the backorder.

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