This was posted 10 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Amazon Australia now Shipping to NZ (Nintendo Switch ~NZ$472.65 Shipped @ Amazon Au)


Not a deal as such but others may be interested to know that Amazon AU is now shipping to New Zealand.

One example of where goods are cheaper across the Tasman -

Nintendo Switch Console - $379 + $4.87 Delivery + FX + 15% GST = ~$472.65 NZD (compared to $529 at JB Hi-Fi).

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  • Nice, will be interesting to see the prices of other things in the up coming months

    • They will only go up in the coming months considering the situation with shipping and containers. Shipping prices have more than doubled with ridiculous delays and that hasn't trickled down to end consumers in NZ yet.

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        Not sure on the prices but shipping time from Aliexpress has improved dramatically. I am now receiving packages within 3-4 weeks compared to months pre-covid.

        • Ali depends on the sellers shipping method, I am still getting variance between 3 weeks and 3 months. Overall my experience has been worse overall than pre covid taking free shipping options based on my last 20 parcels in the last few months, if the seller uses a more premium paid shipping option as the default this will generally arrive faster than free.

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    You can use to get price history charts, price drop alerts and popular deals for the Australian site. Not all of these will necessarily ship to NZ though.

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    Nintendo Switch Console - $379 + $4.87 Delivery + FX + 15% GST

    $379 would have included 10% Australian GST. Do you get that taken off before applying the 15% NZ GST?

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      I think the transaction is still being done in Australia / by AU entity… (the transaction is done in AUD not NZD), so AU GST is still needed. then its shipped to NZ, and customs tags on the 15%.

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        This is incorrect, the 10% is stripped as we aren't Australian residents and 15% NZ GST is added to the price at checkout. Amazon collects your 15% and pays the GST to the NZ Govt, your item arrives in the mail with nothing extra to pay..assuming your purchase price is under $1,000.

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        You certainly don't need to pay AU GST, only NZ GST.

        For example the $199 AUD Nokia 3.4 (just easier to math) showed up as $208.04 when I asked it to deliver to my NZ address.

        $199 / 11 = $18.09

        $18.09 x 10 = $180.90 (this is the AU GST free price)

        $180.90 x 1.15 = $208.04 AUD (with 15% NZ GST) + $2.65 AUD postage to Albany

  • if you take away the $15 promotion away, my order came to AU$402.10

  • Yes it does, came down to $401.10 AUD all up including shipping and NZ GST. Converting online shows me $430 nzd.

    • Did you buy this in the end? On your bank statement you were charged the $430?

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    Prices are in $AUD and include AU GST (if applicable). Maybe AU GST is not applied unless Amazon is charging double GST.

  • Cant order any of the Amazon Alexa products by the look of it.

    I see the Show 10 is now available for pre order at Noel Leeming for $439 but it was only 270 AUD through Amazon during Prime day.

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    To be more specific:

    You can buy: Sold by Amazon AU / Amazon Warehouse (2nd hand but limited to AU i think) on
    You cant buy: Sold by Amazon UK / Amazon US on

    So you would still only got limited choices (e.g. Levis) but it is always better than nothing.

  • had a quick look, most items are still domestic only

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    This is huge news, especially with Ali shitting the bed on the free shipping and shipping times.

  • So does my Amazon US account (which I currently use for US purchases) work for Amazon AU as well? Or do I need to set up a new account for Amazon AU? Thanks

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      You can use your existing account.
      I can log into my account on US Amazon as well as

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    What about warranties? Des nintendo offer international warranty? NZ consumer guarntees act wouldn't apply too since goods are sourced overseas.

    • Good yarn going on over at Geekzone talking about warranties and what not. Page 3-5 I think.

  • $499 for Nintendo Switch Neon Console + PowerPlay 64GB memory card @ The Warehouse if you want to buy in NZ.

    • $15 current giveit codes
      = $484

    Hopefully more discount codes will be available tomorrow.

    $10 off $50 Zip still available too.

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    Looks like they had an issue with GST not being applied to orders placed for items shipped by Amazon but sold by third parties. Purchased some stuff the other day and the price on the invoice went up after it was shipped, as it doesn't look like the GST difference (~5%) was applied when the order was placed, so they added it on later. Got an email a while afterwards saying they'd overcharged and were refunding the difference, so atleast they honoured the original price. Seems to be calculating it properly now.

  • If anyone else is having issues getting the 30 day prime trial, its not available in NZ yet (chatted to support)

    • i got it but ddnt see any difference in postage prices (so thought maybe it ddnt apply to nz postage) so am just using the prime video thing.

      do we get any shipping deals with it?

      • No shipping deals, just video and twitch prime, plus some "prime deals".

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