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Brother PTH110BK P-Touch Label Maker $1.39 or Earn $5.83 if you buy 3 (After Pricebeat and $20 Redemption) @ The Warehouse


update: black is in and out of stock, try this pink or white model here

you can buy one, or buy three and make money ($5.83 credit or $15.83 credit with Zip promo, after further $5 codes applied, see option 2)

for buying one.
1. pricebeat with this link
2. then redeem with this link
$1 shipping (in app) or use free shipping code if that works

for buying three
1. same steps as above, but add the $5 codes below.
ALSO if you haven't already used the zip promo you can actually get $15.83!!! by using my deal here https://www.cheapies.nz/node/28279
confirmed with Brother by phone call, there is no limit on how many you can purchase and redeem in one transaction

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      my dream is for every cheapie to have a well organized pantry

      • How did you get $1.37? Cart shows $23.77 @ Direct.
        Edit* I'm guessing 10% pricebeat?

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          pricebeat not pricematch, i always ask pricebeat first, not sure if this qualifies but they did pricebeat

          • @nachos: If I buy 3 in one order, reckon I'll be able to get cashback for all 3?

            • @Wakrak: sorry doesnt seem to be clear in the t&c, i think in the past 3 was about max. You might have to check with brother. That would make it even cheaper with the $10 off!

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                @nachos: lol you can make money! confirmed you can buy three! updating this deal!

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                  @nachos: Was just about to complete my purchase of three label-makers then Zip played up! Going to be $44 total for me after giveit and Zip 😁

                  • @Wakrak: You've already got a few label makers so I guess these ones would be for resale. How much do you reckon you can sell these for on FB? ;) Just wondering if you have to break the seal to get the serial number?

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                      @sunshinenz: Think I might test the market at $30, hoping they talk me down to $20 which is my true target. Just hope sites like The Warehouse and PB Tech keep the price up so that $30 looks like a great bargain.

                      If I manage to sell three at $20 ea., that’s a nice tidy $76 profit. Happy with that. $30 ea. would be nice too though.

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                        @Wakrak: Nice! I think $20 is quite doable. Hope it's enough for you to fund some of the many things you don't-need-but-buy-anyway-because-it's-a-bargain!!

                        • @sunshinenz: 2 down 1 left to sell.

                          • @Wakrak: Nice! Did you get $30? $29 at PBTech now.

                            • @sunshinenz: Nah $20 but then Facebook decided to ban me from their Marketplace 😅

                              • @Wakrak: I didn't know there was such a thing. What was the reason?

                                • @sunshinenz: Haven't given one. Account still under review. Bit odd.

                                  • @Wakrak: Has FB unbanned you? Lots of people are advertising on FB for $40+. What are they thinking?

                                    • @sunshinenz: Still no luck. Managed to get access to my market profile and delete all of my listings (one was under review), but nothing has changed. Not sure how to proceed. Somewhat impatient so I might just take it to work and do a free raffle. Name pulled out of hat wins.

                                      • @Wakrak: Why not save it for work's Secret Santa and get the fun of seeing if people fight over it or try hard to pass it on. Or donate it to a kid doing fundraising at a school fair. Or trademe? Or use your wife's FB to sell?

                                        • @sunshinenz: Maybe just take it to work and slap a hireage fee on it 😄 This review thing seems to be a common issue. People recommend waiting at least a week, so I'll do that then figure something out. Any luck selling yours? (if that's what you're doing).

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                                            @Wakrak: I sold one for $20 in literally a heartbeat and regretted it because I had bought 2 with the intention to give away to my extended family. Anyway I have bought two more, giving one to the other relative and probably selling the other if I can sell quickly like last time.

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                                              @sunshinenz: Finally got my Marketplace access back. Had to delete all of my listings using the app / airplane mode technique and then wait a week. Last label maker sold in 10 minutes for $30 🤩

                                              • @Wakrak: Impressive!! What is the airplane mode technique?

                                                • @sunshinenz: Open FB app. Click on Marketplace. Turn on airplane mode. Turn wifi back on. Should still have access to your account.

                                                  • @Wakrak: I listed mine few days ago and I've also just been banned from marketplace.
                                                    They are reviewing my account now.I have no idea why. This is only the second time I've listed something.
                                                    Somebody messaged me today so I replied to them and was banned a minute later.

                                                    I've deleted my listing now so I guess I'll need to wait for 7 days now.

                                                    • @gunman: Must be something to do with that product then perhaps. Pain in the arse eh.

                                                      • @Wakrak: I got banned too for my second listing. The first listing a few weeks ago was fine. However Wakrak's airplane trick didn't work for me; I can't access marketplace at all.

                                                        • @sunshinenz: Maybe open FB app, then do airplane, then click on Marketplace, then reconnect wifi? Keep playing around until you're able to get to your Marketplace account and delete listings. Hopefully it works for you. I had to be pretty quick sometimes with the airplane - wifi button pushing. I found the trick on youtube, so maybe do a search so you can see it in action.

                                                          • @Wakrak: I've just found the YouTube clip you talked about. However it doesn't work for me. I wonder if it's because I've never used the FB app before (I don't use FB enough so just use the browser instead of the app), so there's no cache on my phone to go back to the old listing.

              • @nachos: Doesn't this mean that you can only claim one cashback per product? "Only one (1) claim may be made per Eligible Product purchased."

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                  @ross: i called them and they confirmed no limit on how many you can buy in one transaction, if in doubt ring 0800 329 111, press 2 for cashback

                  • @nachos: Awesome! Might think if getting them. :D

        • I think it's through price matching at Warehouse Stationery with their 10% competitor price beat guarantee

      • Do you have to email the warehouse to get the price match?

        • do live chat and ask for pricebeat not pricematch

        • how do you use coupon on cart, it's asking for serial number?

          • @A7g: the serial number is only needed when you go to the brother website to claim your $20.

  • My new kitchen is not far from being installed… This will be the cherry on the top.
    Thanks nachos.

    • its the little things!

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        That's what I tell my wife

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          yes we laugh about that when she comes over

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    Always so tempted lol but I have to remind myself I have no need for a label maker

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      What about three label makers?

    • +4

      You could label your new label maker.

    • Could get 3 and just straight up make money

      • Great idea

  • could anyone please tell me, how do you claim cashback and how to use it for 3?

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    Even better… By the time Brother refund me I will have paid -$2.60. I used the give it code.

  • Sorry new to this, where do we find the serial number once made the purchase?

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      on the item, you have to wait till you recieve it

  • On Brother's website it has the below dates so will it still work as you are purchasing it in July now.

    From 1-30 June 2021
    Redeem by 14 July 2021

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      no thats the old dates
      new dates for this model are
      From 30 June - 31 July 2021
      Redeem by 14 August 2021

  • Is the Warehosue a participating dealer in this promo?

    • That's a good question ⁉️.last time p b tech wasn't participating for the printer…but they did redeem..,

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    Do these come with a tape inside or do we have to purchase them separately ?

    • It comes with a starter tape.

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  • Has anybody been unable to price beat?
    The person I chatted with would only price match for me

    • I'll try now

      • I was told this is a tech item so only price match

        • I was told the same thing

          • @memske: ah bugger then $3.77 is still pretty good deal

            • +3

              @nachos: Just tried again after choniesbum's comment and the new CSR gave it to me xD

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      i just got the price beat, i just said "hi are you able to price beat these i have in my cart thankyou pasted the link from the other site" and they said done

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        good stuff, always just ask pricebeat, i dont know how many agents they have on the chat but some will get lucky

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        Really depends on who you get. Kevin A is always good, he just does it straight away, whereas others are a bit slower and more reluctant.

        • Upvote for Kevin A - he was quick, though he would only apply the price match.

          Another agent took about 10 mins, and after seeing both links applied the price beat (for the pink model).
          Sadly the discount disappeared as I went through checkout, so I had to re-connect to get the price beat/match again.

          $1.31 for 3 label printers is still a steal, so I didn't mind :)

  • Price match for me😞😞

    • still not a bad deal if you buy 3. Basically get these for free and make $8

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    I just tried again and got a different person. She was happy to do the price beat.
    I guess it depends on who you get

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    I know this hasn't be an issue in the past but like every past one, this one also has in the t&c: Only one (1) claim may be made per Eligible Product purchased.

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      yeah i called them and they confirmed no limit, but please call if you are unsure

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        Thank you for the speedy reply!

        • anything for you mate!

  • They're onto it now, only 1 per person

    edit OOS

  • It's back


    1 stock left

    • I think I just got that last one, I refreshed the page and it was available, and just finished my order, now back to out of stock XD

      • There's still 2 available again. Might have been from other people's cart

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    Hi Everyone since black is out of stock, try pricebeating this pink or white model

    • Wow awesome!

    • They refused to price beat different colours. Has to be same colour which is quite BS.

      • Yes thats fairly standard as pricematch/pricebeat normally is on specific model numbers, so in this case you should have no issue buying white or pink but may find they refuse if you want black (that's if its back in stock).

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      Brother just tried asking for a price beat for the white one. The agent would only allow price match for 1 and said he'll need to pay full price for the rest.
      He said no thanks and reconnected to a different agent who was happy to price match for 3.

      • Tin M only allowed me 1. I reconnected and it was all good.

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    If you want a black one, you can still order one from Warehouse Stationery. I ordered one for $21.39.


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