Natures Blend Soap Bar 250g (Avocado & Lime / Oatmeal & Goat Milk) $1ea. (Was $8.99) @ Chemist Warehouse NZ


Don't know anything about these soaps.

Two flavours available:
- Avocado & Lime
- Oatmeal & Goat Milk

Also a 3 pack of Coconut & Chia available for $4.

Free click & collect.
$5.99 shipping for orders over $50.

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    Hmm, describing the scent of a soap as a flavour, interesting. Did you have a bit of a potty mouth when you were a kid Wakrak and have your mouth washed out with soap so many times that you now consider it a food?

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      Funny you say that. Teacher at school used to put soap in our mouths and tape over the top if we spoke English in our Māori class 😅. Think she was from the generation that was punished for speaking Te Reo.


      Have you even tried to eat food whilst blocking your nose? Most flavors we experience through our nostrils as we can only tell basic flavors with our tongue which are saltiness, sweetness, sourness & bitterness.
      This is why putting sugar on cucumbers and plugging your nose can trick your brain into thinking you are having watermelon. Yes, mice love watermelon too, but often cannot afford it.


        Watermelon is a total favourite. Cucumber on the other hand, one of the most revolting. And I know they are so closely related


        umami is also a flavour mice cannot afford


    Soap? What's that used for?