Gaming Mouse RGB Backlit Programmable 10000dpi $3 (Was $20) @ Kmart


In store and online

There is also a 16000dpi with 2 changeable side plates for $5 reduced fron $26

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    $3 is good for a spare. Ordered up a $2.50 mic too, probably garbage quality but YOLO.


      Not as garbage as the price would suggest. It actually fixed my laptop mics' problem, I frequently use Duo for video calls, making it better.


    thanks for $3 its good for a backup

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    Checked through and there's a couple of decent deals on clearance.

    Usb microphone for $2.50

    Usb C to VGA adapter for $2

    There's some slightly nicer 16000 DPI mice that have a braided cable for $5

    We are kitting out a second backup work from home set up for very occasional use so for u der $10 we got most of what we need. If only the mechanical keyboard was on clearance too that's the last thing we are missing.

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    I tried out the above products and they seem ok. None of them are anything special but for the prices they are perfectly good enough.

    The mouse weirdly has triple click mapped to one of its button, not sure why you'd ever want that over just double clicking. The 16000dpi is just silly, I also have a Logitech G502 that has a stupidly high DPI that's far too quick for normal usage in Windows. Seems like there is some companion software for it though, it's listed as the KM42902065 / JLR-74655 on this site:

    The mic feels cheapish and I'm not holding my j hope for decent audio, but for $2.50 it will serve the purpose I have for it which is emergency usage for a meeting on a backup workstation that just needs to sound better than the mic on a closed laptop.

    The VGA adapter is actually metal and feels decent. Worked on a Dell laptop no problems and felt very tight in the usb C port.

    Overall nothing here will set the world in fire or make you amazing at gaming. But for my usage that is emergency backups that will be rarely needed and just needs to function better than the junk parts dell include on our work laptops I'm pretty happy with my $9.50 expenses. I also grabbed some VGA adapters for colleagues as work has a habit of selling off old monitors for people to use at home with laptops that don't have compatible ports to use them.


    $0.20 for a Nintendo Switch 4 controller stand/charger. Found it in store but not on the website.