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Save $0.15 /Litre on Petrol & Diesel at Mobil until 30 June using Mobilcard @ NZ Fuel Cards


Our Mobil fuel card offer provides a discount of 15c off the pump price when you buy petrol and diesel at Mobil between now and 30 June 2021. Outside this time, you will receive our everyday discount of 10c off pump price.

Our Mobilcard can be used at Mobil branded service stations, Mobil truckstops, and selected Mobil-supplied distributor service stations (e.g. Allied Petroleum, Waitomo Petroleum, Nelson Petroleum and Wealleans Petroleum) New Zealand wide.

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    Are there any hidden cost with the fuel card?

    • To answer my own question, from the FAQ

      "There are no joining fees, account fees or transaction fees. The only fees are a $1.53 (inc GST) card fee, per card, per month, and a $3.95 (inc GST) courier fee for your total card order."

      So at 15c per litre discount the card would pay for itself after provided you used more than ~10 litres per month, although it would take about 26 litres before the initial costs were covered.

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    Supercard is still better at 16c off/l daily

    • Are there any additional fees for this?

      • +1

        Nah. Works like a credit card. But requires a lot of information.

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          I have a Supercard but I've used it only 3 times in the last 12 months.

          Reason: it's cheaper to use Mobil Smiles card on Tuesdays, when the discount is 10cpl.

          Calculations: The return on my credit card spending is 2.5%, which is about 5cpl. Using the Smiles card also gives $10 for 500 litres, so about 2cpl. Which means using Smiles card on Tuesdays and paying with my credit card gives me 17cpl in total.

          Using Supercard gives me 16cpl every day, so I only use it when I don't fill up on Tuesdays.

  • Makes it nearly as cheap as gull or npd 🤣🤣🤣

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