New Flybuys - Change of How You Are Rewarded (1 Flybuys Point or 3 Cents Per Litre or 5 NW Dollars)

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Flybuys has changed its reward structure. Now you can choose one of the three.

Choose how you're rewarded
You can now choose one of three ways to be rewarded.* So what will it be?

Is it Flybuys Points?
Every 1 Flybuys = 1 Flybuys Point to spend on top brands, experiences, vouchers and more in the Flybuys Store.

OR maybe it's Z and Caltex Fuel Discounts?
Every 4 Flybuys = 3 cents per litre off to get extra savings on fuel.

OR what about New World Dollars?
Every 28 Flybuys = 5 New World Dollars to spend on groceries at New World.

It's easy to choose, and you can switch currencies at any time. Plus, when you switch, your balance from your previous currency remains in your account.

Whats everyone's view of the best choice?? I personally think Every 4 Flybuys = 3 cents per litre off is pretty cool. If you have 30+ litre per fill, that's 1 dollar saving per 4 flybuys. This has made me thinking if I should switch from AA/Bp to Flybuys/Caltex/Z

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  • Deal or no deal?

  • If you fill 50l or more then it’s 2.67 points = $1

  • Could they make it any more confusing?

    So you can choose to earn Flybuys points, Caltex discounts or New World Dollars but you have to choose in advance of earning as at the time you switch your existing points, discounts or dollars stay as they were.

    "Top tip: When you switch currency, you'll keep any currency balances you already have. eg if you change from Flybuys Points to New World Dollars, you will retain your Points balance to spend later, and will start afresh earning Flybuys towards your new reward."

    I wonder if New World will still do their points for dollars promotion? The last one was 115pts = $20 (5.75 pts/$), 285pts = $50 (5.7 pts/$) and 85pts = $15 (5.67 pts/$) whereas this new scheme is 5.6 pts/$ but without the flexibility.

    I hope they do a FB Points to New World $ conversion before phasing this in as I've saved a few hundred FB Points specifically for converting to NW$ at Christmas.

    • Agreed, it's a pain you can't convert easily between them - I've got a few points, but not enough to buy anything, so they'll just sit there until they expire now. But the Caltex/Z discounts is very good value if you use them!

  • but can you spend 40 flybuys points per fill up at caltex to get 30 cents per litre off and can you add this to their 10 cent off promotion days?

  • Does this mean for around 250 points I can get a free tank of petrol?

    That would be better than their 240pts for $30 gift card.

    • But you have to earn 250 flybuy points within 2 months period though. It will expire in 2 months.

      • Really? That's sneaky given the current lifespan of a Flybuys point is 3 years. I'm guessing a lot of people will get caught out by that. Interestingly, from the FAQs, "New World Dollars expire 2 years after the most recent New World Dollars were added to the New World Clubcard."

  • it is quite confusing, So can you convert existing points to Z discount?

  • I've always valued 1 flybuys point at 17 cents.

    Therefore the 28 flybuys for NW$5 works out about right. 28 x 17c = $4.76

    Now converting that to fuel discounts, 4 FB x 17c = 28c. With a 50 litre fill that's $1.50 you're saving or 37.5c per FB. A great deal!

    Of course that assumes Z is priced competitively compared to the competition.

  • This is definitely a good deal for those who have a BNZ platinum credit card and fill up at least 22.22 litres at least once a month.

    For example if you spend $3000/month on that card, you'll get $33.33 cash back.

    If you choose flybuys as rewards you'll get 200 flybuys = $1.5/litre off, or $33.33 on a 22.22 litre tank.

    If you fill up 50 litres then it's $75 return (on $3,000 spend, earning rate of 1:40, even higher than the Amex airpoints platinum card's earning rate of 1:59).

  • Has anyone tried to redeem the new flybuys fuel discount? I tried to use the accumulated 60c/l discount today but when I swiped my card at Z no balance showed up, even though my flybuys online account clearly showed 60c. The discount will expire at the end of July and I won't need to fill up again before then, so not a happy customer here…