Scan Your Digital Onecard 4 Times at Countdown and Receive 500 Points or 10c off Per Litre


looks like a good perk if you are going there

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  • surely you cant just do 4 tiny purchases and get the reward? Also i wonder if that means my extended family that all link to my nominated onecard can help me out a bit?

  • 500pts=$3.75 / 10c = $2 if you add $40 fuel

    • You've thought about the fuel side wrong, it's $4.00 if you purchase 40 litres. How much you're saving if you spend $40.00 depends on the cost per litre of fuel.

      • Yes fuel price at my place is $2.10/litre now, to simplified it $40 will buy me 20 litres fuel and save me $2. I just tried to make a point that 500pts is a better one to go for.

        • But if you have a 50L tank and fill up 45L that would save $4.50

        • However, with the points you need to spend another $1500 at countdown to actually realise anything from the points as you need 2000 points to get the $15 voucher.

          It doesn't really matter what one is the better one to go for anyway. It's too. Much of a hassle to change. If you already have AA smart fuel rewards selected then you aren't going to swap to one card points as you'd have to spend another $1500 to get the $15 off before you switched back to AA smart fuel rewards. With the other way around its slightly easier as you can switch to smartfuel rewards, use the discount and the switch back. However, it's hardly worth switching.

          If you don't do all your grocery shopping at countdown then the petrol discount is definitely more worth it.

          • @Stoic: Yes you are right, you just remind me 10c off per litres here is actually load into your Onecard if you choose to go with AA Smartfuel. So it doesn't matter which one because you have pre select which one to go for. In my case I shop most my grocery from countdown so I pick one card rewards and I also use AA Smartfuel with Bp and most of the time only add $40 fuel to maximum my accumulate, If I ever want to add $80 I will split it to 2 transaction to get 20c using BP App. AA send me email every week to give me 10c per litres every Wed, Fri and Sat.

    • If you are filling your car with 95 Octane at BP, then may not be saving any thing at all, BP petrol price (95 at least) is significantly higher than other petrol stations

  • Just went to countdown and forgot to scan my digital one…

  • Anyone else have trouble scanning the barcode? It comes up quite small on my 'myCountdown' app, so the scanner couldn't pick it up. The checkout lady reckons that my barcode is a lot smaller than it usually is (which typically coming up almost fullscreen). Here's what I see

    • Yeah mine takes up pretty much the whole screen. What version of the app do you have? Mine is 2.15.1

      • Bugger. I just updated to the newest version 2.16.2 and the barcode is the same as yours.

        • Whether intentional or not if it's making it harder to scan cards report the problem and they'll probably revert quickish.

    • You could try adjusting screen brightness to max, that can sometimes help with barcodes on phones. Failing that maybe just use Stocard or even just a static picture. I assume you don't need to use the app, you don't even need to have ever installed it. Just need a barcode of the card.

    • The middle image is what the barcode looked like previously.

    • Just called Countdown. The lady I talked to didn't know a thing about this promotion (nor did her manager). Sent them a screenshot of the barcode. See what happens.

  • So can you do 4 tiny purchases for this?

  • Yes, apparently. I guess if they get you into a Countdown four times they will probably get the $3.75 back. (2000 points is $15 reward)

    Note that the 500 points is not credited until the end of the month.

    • You're right. Not sure if it will work. Also seems alot of work to do 4x transactions on 4x cards just to get $15. Plus I don't think I'm getting any boost points atm hmm… maybe I'm shopping too much at Pak n Save lol.

      • the fuel discount might be a better payout for multiple cards, 4 transactions on 4x cards would equal $20 on 50 litres of fuel based on a total reward of 40c off per litre, might get interesting the more family member connected card there are.
        so say there is 10 family members helping out, that would be 100c off per litre = $50 based on 50 litres, 10 people lined up, doing 4 transactions of 25c each, total cost would be $10 but that cost wouldnt be wasted totally as its still a product they keep + your fuel reward.