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$5 off $50; 20% off Pet Food, Jade, Babywear, Fragrances, Activewear; 30% off Pots/Pans, Lighting, Towels, Chopping Boards @ TWH


New round of The Warehouse giveit code offers.

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$5 off $50 spend
giveit-twl-5off50-20210428 ​
20% off pet food
giveit-20offpetfood-20210428 ​
20% off infant & babywear
giveit-20off-babywear-20210428 ​
30% off pots and pans
giveit-twl-30offpotspan-20210428 ​
30% off lighting and light bulbs
giveit-twl-30offlightings-20210428 ​
20% off fragrances
giveit-twl-20offfragrances-20210428 ​
Notes: Buy 1 get 1 half price
20% off jade jewellery (no clearance)
giveit-twl-20offjade-20210428 ​
20% off men's and women's activewear
giveit-twl-20offactivewear-20210428 ​
30% off chopping boards
giveit-twl-30offchoppingboards-20210428 ​
30% off bathroom towels
giveit-twl-30offbathroomtowels-20210428 ​

One use per online account. To use multiple times, 'checkout as guest'.

In-store use:

Download 'The Warehouse' app. Login. In 'my account' select one of the locations below as a 'my preferred stores'. The home screen should now show a purple wallet. Click on 'wallet' to bring up a QR code.

In-store T&Cs:

giveit is available through The Warehouse app and in the following stores: Lower Hutt, Lyall Bay, Paraparaumu, Petone, Porirua, Upper Hutt, Wellington, Ashburton, Barrington, Belfast, Eastgate, Hornby, Northlands, Rangiora, Riccarton, Rolleston, South City, Timaru, Alexandra, Balclutha, Mosgiel, Oamaru, Queenstown, South Dunedin, Gore and Invercargill.

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  • If anyone is looking for a non-stick fry pan, check these out

    Really the best and cheapest non-stick fry pan I've had.


    • I agree these frying pans are great! we use them too.
      Only issue I have with them are, they are Made of Forged Aluminium.
      I am not sure if this pose a health risk, and if metal can get into food when cooking?

  • If anyone is interested in buying the fragrances, you can price match with Chemist Warehouse as they are doing a lot of Mothers Day fragrance sale right now. You can even grab 2 and just return 1 in store if you want to get that Buy 1 Get 1 50% off.

    I grabbed the Viva La Juicy 100ml EDP price matched with Chemist Warehouse, after all the discount, it comes up to $26.80 for 2 bottles!

    what a bargain

    • Interesting! It goes against their t&c's to price match whilst there's already a promo on. The first live chat agent i spoke to honoured it - 2nd agent didn't honour it!

    • Also that fragrance is classed as a parallel import for TWH - which again go's against their t&c's! Wow, you got lucky! Haha

      • Oh wow that's interesting, the agent I spoke with on the live chat just said that it's qualified. Definitely lucky then! We will see whether they eventually ship my order or cancelled it :D

        • How is the live chat + price match of the warehouse works? Did they update the price in your cart or they send you voucher code or? So you get 20% off + BOGOH on top of that right? Is that all happen at the cart? If you return 1 in store did you get $13.40 back? Sorry too many questions 😂

          • @Geoffgo: So for me, I contacted the live chat agent and send them the link for competitor's product. They said either link, catalogue, or screenshot would work. Then they'd tell you whether it's eligible or not and to proceed to adding the products to your cart.

            Apparently some agents implement it differently, some would change the price of the individual product, and some would just apply an overall discount on the cart, so you're not given a voucher code for you to apply yourself (from my experience)

            So for me, I applied the GiveIt 20% off and $5 off $50 before contacting the live agent, and he just applied overall discount on my cart. I haven't got around in receiving and returning one of the perfume, but I'll update you.

            Hope this helps!

            Update: I actually just realised that I think the agent didn't realise that I have my 20% + BOGOH code applied already, so he actually discounted the product even further… Panic buying makes me confused - but lucky me I guess 😂

            • @dealhunters: That's awesome, so he actually applied 10% overall discount on your cart?

              Still can't figure out how 2x 100ml bottle become $26.8 lol.

              $79 + 39.5 (BOGOH) - 20%(giveit) - $5($5 off $50)= $89.8 - 10%(Price promise) = $80.82

              • @Geoffgo: Oh so as mentioned, he granted me the price promise as per Chemist Warehouse (so price per item is $49.99 - 10% = $44.99). The Warehouse price promise is to match competitor's price and beat it by 10%.

                So (in theory) that means it will be:
                $44.99 + $22.50 (BOGOH) - 20% (giveit) - $5 ($5 off $50) = $49

                But I think, what happened for me is that the agent applied the discount differently, what he did was:
                - Based on price promise, The Warehouse RRP is $79, and the price match comes to $45, so the difference is $34 per bottle ($68 for 2 bottles)
                - Since he applied the $68 disc on the overall cart, the first calculation became:
                $79 (original RRP) + $39.5 (BOGOH RRP) - 20% (giveit) = $94.80
                - Then he applied $68 disc as per price promise difference, so then the total became $26.80

                Took me a while to calculate even 😂 either way, it's a massive deal!!!

  • anyone reckon is this good?