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Official Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset $118 with $50 Genoapay Credit ($168 without) @ Harvey Norman


Pick up for free or it was $5.95 shipping to Dunedin for me. Good price for the new wireless Microsoft Xbox headset that's been getting solid reviews. Works on all Xbox consoles no dongles or wires required, also works on Windows PC's and devices with Blutooth 4.2+, there's an optional dongle that allows you to use it wirelessly on Windows 10 machines that don't have Blutooth 4.2+

Original Genoapay deal https://www.cheapies.nz/node/27219

A couple of worthy mentions, all these prices already have the $50 GenoaPay credit taken off them.

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Harvey Norman NZ
Harvey Norman NZ


  • All these Genopay's and Zip and Laybuy and the like - do they count against your credit score/report? Not sure, I want a whole bunch of "hire purchases" showing up to save $10 bucks.. does anyone know?

    • If you're able to pay these off on time, would it even count against you? It shows that you're able to pay it on time without any problems.

      • The credit simple report - counts applications and requests as well as the times people credit check you even if everything is paid off on time, it suggests lots of applications is a negative thing, so i would assume it might have some impact?

        • credit score is just a small piece of the puzzle in credit decisions, especially with mortgages.

          If you apply for a card and get declined, you can always appeal the decision and talk to an underwriter. There you can explain to them all the cheapies deals and how savvy you are with money and they might change their mind and override the system.

          credit pulls have a negative impact but they usually fall off the record in 1-2yrs so don't worry about it unless you need some loans soon.

        • Hm, interesting. Mine seems to be good so far, hasnt recorded my car loan or ZIP payment on there. I assume that whoever does a credit check on you is pulling from the same system as credit simple? I always assumed the less they have on you, the less info they see on how reliable you are on making your payments, where paying off things on time shows up a lot better

          • @Vena: Not all credit bureaus receive the data at the same time - usually takes a month or two to reflect on your record across all. If ZIP or your car loan uses Centrix, they may not send the data off to Equifax for some time.

            I do not know much about credit simple but the banks usually use the big credit bureaus for consumer loans - Experian, Equifax or TransUnion (in US) or Centrix ( in NZ to a lesser extent ).

            ZIP uses Equifax. In their policy: Our third party credit checks are performed by Equifax or illion. If you have any questions regarding your credit score or the information provided as part of a credit check we recommend you get in touch with any of those 2 providers directly.

            Genopay also uses Equifax: https://www.genoapay.com/check-credit-report/

            They have 2 or 3 credit bureaus in the system set up- to cycle around in case you have no record in one of the CBs or for contractual obligations ( ie they have to pull 100M times a month from Equifax to get preferential pricing or what )

            But in all honesty, don't worry about it. The banks do not rely on these scores as much as they used to. The CB scores are used in conjunction with a bunch of internal models and application data. The shops that rely on these scores are usually the smaller companies who do not have time/expertise to develop their own internal models and have low value loans (like zip and genopay) that its not worth it hire people to do manual assessments.

    • From what I've read it's no different to making purchases with a credit card, and as you know purchases with a credit card only count against you when you don't settle your balance at the end of the month and start accruing interest, or you default. It seems the same with these companies but seeing as there's no interest the only way a purchase will negatively impact your score is if you receive penalties for missed payments, or default.

  • Just picked up a pair and they are superb!

    • Just picked up mine and about to try them out as well. If you don't have Dolby Atmos enabled on your console you can get the unlock from the Brazil store for around $13, couldn't find the price for it on the NZ store but Australia it's $22.45aud and I'm guessing it's not cheaper for NZ.

  • Stacks with WELCOME5 for $5 off.

  • these headphones are cool, what i like is thet connect upto your xbox and a bluetooth thing at same time, so i can be playing xbox, hearing whats going on. using in game chat, and also be listening to music or podcast from my phone and no1 else can hear it.

    Also if im playing and someone phones me up i can take the call while still hearing my game, and the caller hears nothing but me :)

  • do harvey norman price match? if so warehouse has them for 159 - 50 - 5 = bargain

    • Don't think so, they've never promoted a policy like that

      • ive seen them do it, they just don't guarantee it. then again warehouse stationary did guarantee it and once flat out wouldn't for me

  • They seem to have gone out of stock, not even available for delivery.

    • I won't end the deal because there's still a few stores with stock available for pickup.

      • finally managed to score 1 from Westgate branch. I had to ask them to create a live order and email it to me. thats lot of work, wouldn't have done it for any other item. :)

  • Another Great Deal:

    Sennheiser HD 458BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones for $164 - $50 = $114 + Shipping/free click & collect.
    Different colour model of the HD450BT which is being sold at a higher price of $188.


    Great Headphones!!!
    Review: https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/sennheiser-hd-450bt