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USB Type-C Cable .25m US$1.09 (~NZ$1.54); .5m US$1.42 ($2.01); 1m US$1.64 ($2.32) 2m US2.19 ($3.10) Delivered @ PZOZ AliExpress


Prices are approximate. USD and NZD prices taken from Aliexpress using the currency selection option.

  • Choose China for 'ships from:'
  • Available in three colours
  • Free shipping which could take up to seven weeks.
  • 3A (max) 480Mbps

I bought two 2m cables for ~NZ$6.57 delivered.
Found at couponsfromchina

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  • Ordered a couple a while back, the quality is pretty good.

  • Ordered 3 for $2.84, excellent!

    • How did you get 3 for $2.84?

    • tax?
  • I just edited the prices. The US$ price was before tax while the NZ$ price was delivered. Both are now the delivery price (including tax).

  • If you are lucky, you might have a store coupon worth NZD2.12. For 1m cable, that will come down to 2c incl shipping lol. Found it in the app

  • +1

    I purchased 2 X 1m cable with coupon for NZD 0.57 and free shipping. Thanks Wakrak….will keep you guys updated on delivery of the Cables. May take approx. 60 days or more.

    • may I ask where you get these coupons from? I've had a look at the couponsfromchina page but it seems its just a matter of playing their games daily to get coins for them.

      • I personally don't know how Couponsfromchina work as it was pretty confusing and then minimum buy criteria applied for the coupons to be applicable was significantly greater than my cart amount. I got coupon recommended by AliExpress and used it.

  • Bear in mine that these don't explicitly say USB 3 anywhere so they're likely wired for USB 2 only.

    • If they say 480Mbps, they must be USB 2 only. They'd say at least 5 Gbps if they were wired for USB 3

  • Received my parcel today on 26th May.

    • Same here. Hamilton.

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