[IOS, Android] Free Starbucks Tall Drink When Signing up to Starbucks Rewards


Looks like Starbucks is changing the loyalty reward scheme from a paper card-based scheme to a newer app/ plastic card model similar to other countries.
Once you sign up for a new Starbucks rewards account, you get a reward loaded on your virtual card.

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  • Do you need to install the app to redeem the free drink, or do they ask for your email to redeem it?

    • Not too sure, but I think you would need to download the app as there is a barcode for your virtual card in the app.

  • Download the app, sign up and instantly get a free tall drink. Easy thanks op.

  • For those who have already done it, what's the expiry of the free drink from time of signing up? Cheers

  • Just a tip - When signing up, select a birthday date in the next couple of days and you will receive an additional free drink

    • Looking at the T&C, it doesn't say proof of DOB, so likely doable.
      Bear in mind they don't allow change of birthday month after submission/registering in the profile, so if you want to keep the account as the official one, choose the birthday month wisely lol

  • Thanks for this OP

  • successfully joined the rewards programme. but when siging on my android fone, i keep getting a sign in error. any1 else facing similar issue?

  • Thanks OP.

    Also In the confirmation email I saw they'll upgrade you to Gold for 12 months if you load $50 credit onto your card - so you'll get another free tall coffee plus BOGO and free upgrades every month… definitely worth it if you'll spend that much in the next 12 months anyway.

    • Can you explain this in more detail? Are the rewards set or are they promises and mostly vouchers like BOGOF? Thanks.

      • From their T&C it seems you will receive one BOGOF voucher to use each month. The info inside the app also says similar information about receiving one of each voucher each month.

        Gold members will receive the following benefits at the beginning of each month while their Gold membership is active. These benefits are valid until the end of the month in which they have been issued:

        a) one (1) free drink customisation
        b) one (1) free drink size upgrade
        c) one (1) buy one get one free offer each month on beverage and food items only. Free item must be of equal or lesser value. This offer excludes Excludes RTDs, merchandise, retail beans, Mrs Higgins cookies, Bliss Balls, Gingerbread cookie and crisps

        • Is "one (1) free drink customisation" = 1 free coffee or it mean 1 free "drink-customisation"?

          • @Geoffgo: It's one free customisation per month - so things like alternative milk, flavours, or extra coffee shots. You still pay for the coffee itself.

  • Just wondering if Starbucks membership is worth it or Coffee Club if one plans to have Flat white or Mocha coffee