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Lupe® Pure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £599/~NZ$1166 (Was £699) + £50 (~NZ$97) off with Referral + £78 (~NZ$150) Shipping @ Lu


Lupe cordless vacuum cleaner, at long last a cordless vacuum cleaner that isn’t a copy of the market leader but designed by two ex Dyson engineers to produce remarkable results. https://lupetechnology.com/pages/about-lupe


This seems like a good deal, I've ordered one myself 3 weeks ago. All parts are modular, and can be ordered from them separately.

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  • That vacuum cleaner looks heavy to carry around. Even if it's cordless, you still need to lift and move the vacuum cleaner around to get to certain corners or areas.

    The one I have at home is this:

    Great vacuum cleaner for the price and I haven't had any issues with it. Been using it for about 1 year now. Can someone tell me what advantage this Lupe vaccum cleaner has over ones like the Xiaomi and why it's worth $1100 (which is a discounted price already)?

    • I also have a Xiaomi robot vaccum cleaner with mop function, which I got from PBTech for $350 or somewhere around that. I'm just having a hard time trying to justify spending $1100 for a cordless vacuum cleaner, when I could spend less for a xiaomi cordless + a robot vaccum and still have a lot of change leftover. I actually do less vacuum with the cordless, now that I have my robot vacuum running most of the time. So there's even less need for a cordless vacuum for me.

      • How does xiaomi cordless vacuum compare to Dyson v11? Looking for a cordless vacuum, but can't justify $1k on a vacuum cleaner.

        • Well, my mum use a Dyson v9 and my Xiaomi is pretty on-par compared to it. Like, I'm no vacuum cleaner expert, but it sucks up dust and does the job well and that's a plus in my book. Easy to clean, easy to swap out filters and easy & cheap to replace components because it's Xiaomi and therefore it's good value. The reviews for Xiaomi products are generally very good and their vaccum cleaners (both cordless handeld and robot vaccum) are no exception.

          I actually got 2 of these as gifts for friends and they now vaccum a lot more because it's so easy. The point of a cordless vaccumm is that it is lightweight and easy to use. You don't want a bulky cordless vaccum cleaner at all.

  • Why would anyone buy a extremely expensive unknown brand off shore and have it shipped to NZ for $150? doesn't make sense.

    • It costs as much as the dyson v11 the big one, and regarding to the reviews it sucks better or at least the same. It got a lot of good reviews. For me less dust == less allergy.

      • Still not justified anyone would buyt this unknown brand off shroe with no warranty for that knid of price, if it's as good as the Dyson then it needs to be about half the price.

      • The Dyson V11 looks to be significantly smaller.

        Larger = more power but less convenience.

        But if it's as large as it looks, at that point why would you go cordless? Might as well shove a cord and a massive motor on it.

        The V11 doesn't look much larger than my old DC35, but then I moved to a corded Kirby and never use the DC35 anymore except when I have a small dry spill, say, in the kitchen and just want to quickly touch up.

        Just looked it up, the V11 Outsize is 3.5KG, and reviews basically all say, "It's too heavy", this thing is another third on top of that at 4.6KG. The V11 is 3KG.

        Yeah, I'd roll with there's no point in this. It's too large/heavy to take advantage of going cordless. Might as well shove a massive motor and 1200W through it and get even more suction power out of it with no time limit.