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Bonus $50 Z Gift Card with a New Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy @ AMI


Came across this while trying to renew my car insurance. Pretty good deal.

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  • lol Trademe insurance is way cheaper. Its actually from tower but with a discount.
    I'm paying ~$60 a month vs AMI's quote which was around 110ish for comprehensive without addons.

    Essentially free $50 z gift cards every month :P

    • Yeah we used to be with AMI for a few years then they all of a sudden hiked up our premiums by 40%, I phoned and queried them and they basically said "insurance gets more expensive over time" looked around and found Trademe Insurance almost half the price for the same cover.

      • Yeah, I've had AMI try to hike up my car insurance premiums each year by ~30% while reducing the insured value of my car even though I have never had a claim. Like banks, they rely on customers having 'insurance fatigue' where it becomes too much work each year to query an increase in fees/premiums.

        Funny thing is that each year I cancel my AMI insurance then just reapply online for a cheaper price. Person over the phone tells me their 'existing customer service' is a different team to the 'new customer team' so they have no control over what the other team does. No sure if that is true or not.

        • Interesting might look into that because although trademe insurance is cheaper the support and claims process might be a nightmare will have to see, I've claimed a not at fault against ami in the past and I guess it was fine.

          • @lNomNoml: I have found there is very little benefit to being a loyal customer when it comes to car insurance as they don't seem to reward you for not ever claiming on your policy. You tend to get a better deal if you go from company to company signing up as a new customer (or same company in this case).

            Same goes for internet plans, you get much better deals as a new customer than an existing customer.

            EDIT: I haven't been treated badly by AMI, just wanting to save money where I can.

            • @OBH: Agreed. I do the exact same thing for internet, every year at the end of the 12 month contract I switch. Quite often they have promotions like first 3 months free, or first 6 months half price.

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                @genesis133: With my Vodafone internet, before the 12 mth contract is up, I speak to the Retention team.
                They always offer me what they offer new customers for eg $250 - $300 credits.
                Have been doing this for a few years.
                Of course I checked out other providers as well but Vodafone is always the cheapest for me.

    • I used to be with Trademe/Tower. Did a claim once (not at fault at all) and noticed they were more hesitant at approving the claim without charging me the excess. State however has been quick to approve claims, but yes they're more expensive. FYI.

  • Check Cove also. It worked out cheaper for me.

  • AMI was actually cheapest for me by a few hundred bucks.

    • its about similar to me but i have option to have excess set to 100 $ and i change providers 3 to 4 years or earlier if there is an accident this way i can just try and get non accident premium as the under writers are different

  • Great that this has popped up. I'm currently with trade me and my annual insurance is about to renew. I'm currently paying $46 per month. This morning I've just been given notice that it's going to go up to $58 per month. I drive a late model car with full insurance and have not made a claim on it.
    I'll be speaking with them to see if what can be done about the price hike.