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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Roughly 30% off (eg. 45mm Black - NZ$467 Delivered, LTE Version - NZ$549.41) from Amazon

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  • I use a 40 nzd roughly honor band 3 you forget it, if it's even there ,it has a beautiful amoled screen it turns on every time I turn my hand to check time , it has incredible sleep tracking better then any other out there ,

    I use it for steam spa and swimming , shower no problem ,

    Push notifications work very well.

    I can check time in the middle of the night and my hands don't feel hurt as it's small band

  • Looking at Active 2 + Watch3 41mm(non-lte)

    PBTech = $1,383.74
    Amazon = 749.40

    Crazy how much more we pay in NZ

    • Came here from AUS few years ago, and I was really surprised about that too. I guess it's all about market size and purchasing power.

    • its the same for pretty much everything thats imported and sold here
      i'm a tradie and a stabila torpedo i bought for 25NZD overseas is sold for 80NZD here
      or my hammer which i bought for roughly 240NZD, sold here for 500NZD