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Free US$15 Amazon Gift Card by Taking Survey & Installing Chrome Extension @ Purchase Advisor


Purchase Advisor offers a $15 Amazon gift card to anyone who answers a short survey and installs their Chrome extension.
The deal is valid from PC using Chrome browser
By the way, they wrote that reward will be sent within 10 business days, but I received it after 2

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  • Scam check?

    • Haven't clicked on link, url looks dodgy. Rodrigo is new so also a bad sign. Will change my vote if this is legit. Guessing extension compromises your pc. At least their spelling is improving these days!

      • I believe that's just the promo link, the actual extension uses purchase-advisor.com domain

  • if wakrak posted this or nachos, id be all over it.

    • Hey thanks for the vote of confidence! Don't even trust me though as I can make a mistake, scammers almost always need your help, downloading software (extension) sounds like the method here.

      • Hey mate, why does your username have a big red minus symbol next to it? For me at least. So strange?!

        • Thats when you vote negative. I had to revoke mine so its now gone

          • @nachos: Ahhhh makes sense. I thought it was negatively reflecting against you!

            How long does it take? I might need to upvote if this actually works.

  • I installed this extension couple days ago, no issues.

    • And the purpose of the extension was?

      • From Google Chrome Web Store:

        Use the crowd wisdom and find out where others get their purchase recommendations from.

        Purchase Advisor uses crowd wisdom to improve our community member’s online research prior to submitting a purchase.
        Our AI-powered platform analyzes browser’s data to bring you the most valuable tips on how and where to conduct research.
        The purchase advisor community is a group of people who love to learn from each other.

  • Tried it on a secondary browser. Code came back in around an hour and it actually worked.

    Note: I avoided using the "apply to account" button in the email, and just redemmed the code as a gift card

  • Nothing yet.

  • Got mine this morning. Took the survey then removed the plug in

  • Has anyone tested the gift card on Amazon? The Terms of Use are buzzing me out.
    - Entries will be accepted online starting on November 10, 2020 and ending on January 31, 2021
    - will receive a 15 Amazon Gift Card. Value of: 0

    The company 'KonnecTo Top Tech' seems legit though (if this is the right company).
    "Konnecto Closes $3.5 Million Seed Round and Launches 'Reveal & Disrupt' to Provide Consumer Brands Unparalleled Visibility into the Earliest Stages of the Consumer Journey"

  • Got my $15 with one of my disposable email addresses. Deleted plugin right after.
    From T&C they want a history dump and put a bunch on trackers and link to FB, insta etc.

  • is the $15 USD or NZD? I'll try it when i get home. Couple of things i've been waiting for a sale on, but a voucher will work just as well

  • +11 votes

    This level of invasive monitoring is worth far more than $15. For a company with little discernible background and a privacy policy that very clearly states that they will share your data, I'd definitely consider this malware/adware that you're being paid to use. Yuck.

    • How about using a secondary email address plus removing the plugin afterwards. Is it safe enough?

  • Who knows what the browser extension is doing!? Not worth it - even if you remove it right away. You don't know what code is running on your computer!

    • My understanding is that the plugin is only browser level. So OS shouldn't be affected. Removing the plugin from Chrome right after should be good enough? Can someone who is tech-savvy clarify this?

      • True, but even so, you don't want random code running on your browser, do you? They can potentially edit your bookmarks to a proxy server and route data/your bookmarked websites through their server, stealing your info, potentially. Also if you forget to uninstall it, it may record your keystrokes that you are typing in a website - maybe not - but not worth USD15 in my personal opinion.

    • can always do it inside a vritual machine and then delete the vm after

    • Sandbox'd Chrome portable + throwaway email should be good enough if it is nefarious

      • yeah just doing that now but Win 10 sandbox

      • Yep just did this via Windows Sandbox as well. Note to others: you need Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise to use this feature. It's not available with Home Edition.

      • Just a thought, does it mean you can get multiple vouchers using sandbox with a few email addresses?

        • Depends if they check IP addresses or not as sandbox is only an instance of a program, a virtual machine should get around that though. But if they don't check IPs then in theory it will work.

    • It looks like it sends your browser history to their servers every 60 seconds

  • +3 votes

    Great deal. Got the card after a few hours. Extension only has permission to "Read and change your browsing history" so added then removed right after.

  • What are $15 worth stuffs that you can buy at Amazon? Looks like that will just cover the shipping.

    • Amazon Deals. Mostly good for computing but yes $15 will cover shipping + a little bit depending on the item.

      I use Amazon US to buy presents for family that are over there mainly.

    • Anything digital like books, music or games

  • It seems very suspicious at the minimum. Don't you think we (as a community here) would better do something to protect others? I am just saying at least something like Negative vote?

  • Seems to work. Installed plugin on old pc, uninstalled straight away. $15 USD card in email redeemed

  • how long did it take for the voucher to come through? its been about 4 hours, im still waiting..

  • No voucher and its been about 8 hours.

  • I’m still waiting. Around 12 hours.

  • Installed it 11 last night, email with code received at 5.30am this morning. Copy and pasted code in amazon and it redeemed.

  • If you guys are still worrying about malware or tracers being left behind from the extension, download a software called HitmanPro, it removes browser trackers and trojans on pc

  • Too suss, have downvoted as the product is objectively untrustworthy.

    Cheapies community is not about this kind of stuff. I’m concerned some will trust as it’s on Cheapies, add the extension and not know how their data privacy is being abused.

    • Yup, if you aren't paying for something then you are the product.
      They are aiming to get more than $15 worth of data from you.

  • Nothing after a couple of days

  • Pro Tip - This is not worth the $15.

  • 'Thank you for your willingness to participate in the Konnecto community activity.
    Unfortunately, you can not continue at this time, however, we will make sure to contact you if a relevant survey becomes available.
    For questions please contact [email protected]'
    Also, this is too dodgy, whenever you install a chrome extension, it downloads to your computer first, too dodgy.
    I'm using chrome, Mac OS Cataline

  • maybe these guys are the real cheapies

  • Never got anything at all

    • Mine came through this morning, applied the credit to my account worked fine. and of course it comes through after i'd given up waiting & already placed my amazon order. Wonder what else I can buy

  • Just FYI

    I installed this on the day, didn't get anything, installed it for a hour - uninstalled it, checked it was uninstalled properly - never heard from them since.

    Until today - they sent the Gift Voucher through. Manually entered the code into Amazon just in case. Worked fine.


  • Deal is legit thanks! Got the voucher today.