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50% off Two Boxes at HelloFresh for Deactivated Accounts


50% off two boxes at HelloFresh for deactivated accounts, just use the above coupon code

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Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $50 off their first box.

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  • lol I'm using the 30% one, not going to take the chance of cancelling and trying this else could end up with none ::D

    • Its not difficult to set up a different account. I know someone with like 10 (not me).

      • We had one each so far, gave each other a free box and then used the 50% off code. Annoyingly they seem to have charge me full price this week despite being well two of the 50% off code applied.

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          Just checked and same here, charged $175 for a box that should have been 50%

          • @La: Are you complaining to them? I'm struggling to find out how to even communicate with them to tell them they made a mistake.

            • @Everettpsycho: Yes, they gave me a 50% credit and a 50% refund, so basically a free box.

              Umm I think I eventually found a contact us on the page and used the Chat

              • @La: If you put talk to someone in to the stupid ask a question box it offers a chat service. Eventually got through a d they have just refunded the mistake. Not quite the free box you got but I'll take it. Time to deactivate and use the 30% off code that got posted šŸ˜‚

                • @Everettpsycho: They offered me a 50% discount for next time and I said there wouldnā€™t be a next time at $175 a box. So they went away and offered the above.

  • Didnt work for me unfortunately

    • Did you cancel your account first? Usually you need to go in, cancel your account and then you can reactivate it with code - it works straight away.

    • Yeh me either, it comes up with a little red bar up the top but no error message. I've been deactivated for a few weeks.
      Logged into my folks account who have been deactivated a similar period and it worked fine for their account. So :shrug:

  • Worked cheers.

  • Might not work for some because it's the same code I posted in October last year.

  • Worked, waited 2 days after cancelling to reactivate the account. Cheers.

  • No longer valid