Recent AliExpress Shipping Experiences

Has anybody ordered items from AliExpress and got things shipped recently?
How long did it take and which shipping method did you choose?

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  • Phone took about a week, earbuds took about 10 days and some cheaper stuff is still outstanding after 20 days.

    • That's not too bad. I'm hoping the shipping situation is a lot better now as I've heard things arriving months later after buyer protection period mid last year

  • my early december purchases arrived last week.

    • Do you know whether they're sent via sea freight or do flights just takes long due to low capacity?

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      still air freight but with covid air freight is still heavily delayed.

      essentially they get put into a bag that needs to come to nz via somewhere like Singapore.
      First they may wait until this bag / cargo box gets full, then this bag might get kicked off a plane multiple times due to more important freight. Unfortunately this could happen at any of the transit point. e.g. a EMS item takes priority over air mail.

      I have had some stuff take 3 months, other stuff being sent via faser options still take 2 to 3 weeks.

      • Thanks for the info. I really should have done some research before ordering. Was my first time ordering a few things before I realised there was the delay :/

    • +1 for both aliexpress ship and china post

      Have had the odd item in sub 2 weeks tho

  • I think some sellers are taking advantage and not shipping items and trying to blame it on the delay and hoping people wouldn't ask for a refund or holding the money and utilizing it somewhere else for half a year.
    I have items which arrived in two weeks and items which haven't arrived in 4/5/6 months.

      • what I noticed is… the bigger sellers like orico, ugreen … still deliver.
        The ones that didn't arrive for me are the random sellers where I buy phone cases, aquarium supplies and other junk

    • I don't think the seller doesn't get the money credited to them until the buyer has received(confirmed by buyer or past dispute time) the order. AE hold the money until then.

  • I normally just assume it'll take 2-3mo if getting anything off AliExpress.

    Have had the odd item not turn up after 90 days and have always got my refund from Aliexpress. One time the item turned up after the refund was processed and closed. Free watch strap!

    • Sounds like that’s how long most people say it takes :/ Surely it hurts the sellers as well with refund and things still arrive later and there seem to be no way to pay back when that happens

  • Got a couple phone cases recently. 1 took a month and a half and the other 2 months.

    • A month even sounds quick after reading about how long it took for some people 😂 I’m absolutely obsessed with what I bought so hopefully they arrive soon like yours did

  • Mine 3 separate orders one remote and 2 mobile cases More than 3 months not yet received…

  • Chinese New Year is next week so expect more delays.
    Customs slows down, road transport gets more expensive (so some company's don't ship until afterward) etc.

    • Luckily, my orders are all at the stage of airline departed from original country whether that means they actually left or are ready to leave

  • We have stuff that's more than 3 months waiting… Lots of things getting refunded but sob stories from the vendors.

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    Got a Poco m3 which is around 4 to 5 days. Some cheaper stuff either took ages (2 plus months) or never arrived.

  • My 7 orders never arrived. The earliest one I order was in July last year. Tracking for all orders shows that they have arrived in NZ (last mile carrier).
    I wonder if NZ post's warehouse is full of stuff like this or they actually throw out cheap stuff into the bin.

    I have got refund on all 7 orders though.

  • I order from Aliexpress a couple of times a month and everything has been reaching me in surprisingly reasonable time, apart from a slow period early-mid 2020.

    • That's good to hear, I was notified this morning one of my items arrived in NZ after 3 weeks since ordering. Maybe the whole shipping situation got a bit better now

  • About 20 purchases in last year, maybe 15 orders.

    All but 1 order made it successfully to my door, refund requested, seller acknowledged mishaps in shipping, and got my money back into my cc within 6 months of that order made.

    Of the rest, i'd say average 7 weeks of delivery time, from when seller confirmed shipping. Fastest was a power board that received within 3 weeks of confirmation. Slowest was a mobile phone case, took about 3 months to arrive - this was back in early last year.

    I've never bought extra shipping, always free or default, usually no more than $3 extra. If i wanted something quick, i'd prefer go Amazon and use their 1 day delivery, with their service, from US fastest I could get my item was 4 days delivery, not sure how they could've done it. Item was a VR goggles.

    • Seems expensive items always arrive earlier than expected. 4 day delivery time is impressive but then they wouldn't fuss with cheap shipping for items like VR goggles. I learned my lesson and not going to order something I'm going to die waiting for from Aliexpress lol